Ice – Breakers
General Numbers Trivia Quizes

A Brief History of Time
Adam and Eve – The First Man & Woman On Earth
A Geek A Week
The Backwards Clock
The Earliest Earl
How Time Flies
The Latest Train
The Day When Everything Went Wrong
The Longest Day
Tock the Tick’s Rock Around the Clock
The Time Machine
Wakey, Wakey, Rise & Shine
When Time Stood Still
Time For A Tasty Date
Maths 4 “um” Forum
All 4 – 1 & 1 – 4 All Musketeer Maths Game
A (Maths) Class – Less Society

Animal Stories
The Absurd Ladybird Who Liked Curd
The Almost There Hare
Animal Picnic
The Evangelical Angel Fish
Animal Crackers
Animals Speak the Same Language All Over the World !
Anna Annaconder
Amrita The Ant’s Climb Up The Most Mountainous Anthills of the World
The Antelope Who Lost His Horn
The Ant’s Antic Ants In His Pants
The Arctic Polar Bear
The Crooked Jail – Bird
The Toad’s Wedding Bells
The Sleepy Squirrel
Atilla The Hen
The Blind Bat
The Bee’s Knees
The Beetle Who Couldn’t Spell Her ABC’s
The Blue Bluebottle Who Didn’t Like Blue
The Bookworm’s Munch Through The Great Books of All Time
How Now Brown Cow ?
The Bacterial Bug Who Travelled the Compost Heap
The Buffalo’s Buffet
The Blushing Buffoon Bride
A Million & One Things For A Busy Bee To Do
The City Mouse & The Country Cat
The Caterpillar’s Pillar
The Celebrity Caterpillar
The Centipede’s Socks
The Champ Chimp
Chin Up – Chimpanzee !
The Church Dormouse’s Spire to The Cathedrals of the World
The Clay Pigeon Who Had A Clay Heart
The Cock – Eyed Cock
The Cockatoo Cook’s Kitchen
The Cow Who Couldn’t Moo
The Crabby Crab
Crying Crocodile Tears
The Crocodile’s Toothache
The Baby Crocodile Whose Swimming Trunks Wouldn’t Stay Up
The Daddy Long Leg’s Dig
The Dingbat Dingo’s Ding – Dong
The Dinosaur’s Trip Through History
The Dolphin With No Sense of Direction
The Dog Who Lost His Bone
Doggy Wash
The Dolphin Who Dived In At the Deep End
The Doormouse’s Doormat
The Dormouse’s Hole
The Dotty Ladybird
The Great Dough Disaster
The ‘Do You Think He Saw Us ? Douthinkeesaurus Dinosaur
The Dragon Who Lost His Puff
The Downtrodden Dragonfly
The Duckling Who Forgot To Duck
The Donkey’s Magic E – Aw
The Eagle – Eyed Eagle
The Early Bird Who Couldn’t Catch A Worm
The Earwigging Earwig
The Forgetful Elephant
The Elephant’s Ears
The Elephant Who Stamped His Feet
Felix’s Feeling Feelers
Fish ‘N’ Chips
The Flea And the Bee Who Came Tea
The Circus Flea’s Cycle Across the Bridges of the World
Flo the Electric Glow – Worm and her Magic Lighthouse
Flutterby Butterfly
The Fox Who Got His Tail Stuck
The Frog Who Couldn’t Jump
The Frog Who Couldn’t Clear His Throat
The Frog’s New Flipper Slippers
A Frog Jumped Off The Lillypad
The Frog’s Search For The Tastiest Fly
The High Flying Elephant Genius
The Giant Spider
Goosey, Goosey Gander’s Gewy Mess
The Greedy Goldfish
The Great Race
The Octopus Who Came To Lend A Hand
The Prickly Pin Cushion Hedgehog
The Hen Who Couldn’t Lay Eggs
The High – Flying Fly
The Hippo Who Dropped A Clanger
The Snake Who Lost It’s Hiss
The Homeless Cuckoo’s Hunt for a New Home
The Horse’s Hay
Hubbub & Hurly – Burly
The Hummingbird’s Humming Housechores
Hungry Hippo
Iggy The Iguana
The Jelly – ish Jellyfish
Jingle Jangle In The Jungle
The Jungle Circus
The Kangeroo With The Deepest Pouch
King Kong
The Kingfisher Who Wanted To be King
Tiger the Tiny Kitten
The Kitten Whose Whiskers Were Tickled
Lucy Lemon Ladybird
Woolly Lamb
The Lazy Alligator
The Leopard Who Wanted To Change Her Spots
The Lion & The Mouse
Moose Loose About The House
The Loudest Songthrush
The Lying Lion
The Thieving Magpie Who Got Caught
The Cat With the Loudest Mieow
The Mite’s Kite
Moooove Over
The Mule That Got Stuck In A Well
Mumbo Jumbo
The Neigh Who Could Only Say Nay
The Newt’s New Leaf
The Newt’s New Newspaper
Nit Wits
The Octopus Who Got His Legs Crossed
The Orange Orang – U – Tan
Who Rang the Orang – U – Tan ?
The Ostrich Who Buried His Head In The Sand
The World Is An Oyster
Ozzy The Mozzy
Parrot’s Speech
Peter The Pear Eater – The Starving Slug
The Pelican’s Mystery Letter
The Peckish Penguin’s Icicle Pop
The Pigeon’s Pigeon English
The Pilchard’s Pile – Up
The Pink Panther
The Pink Pig Who Didn’t Like Pink
The Pond Skaters New Skates
The Small Porcupine With Big, Bright Ideas
The Too Prickly Hedgehog
The Primp Shrimp
The Puffin’s Muffin
The Puppy Who Barked Up the Wrong Tree
The Rabbit Who Couldn’t Stop Rabbiting
The Robin Redbreast’s Preparation For Christmas
Willy Walrus’s Double Quick Double Take
Rhino On The Lino
The Very Round Rhinocerous On The Rhine
The Roly Poly Mole and The Moly Hole
Rooster Booster
The Roundworm’s Evolution
The Sea Sick Seagull
The Seal Who Sealed Everything
The Slimy Serpent Snake’s Secret
The Sharks Jacuzzi
The Sheep With No Coat
The Giraffe Whose Neck Shrank
The Sleepy Dormouse
The Slug Who Tried To Eat His Way Through The Vegetable Patch
Snail Trail
The Springest Spring
The Stripy Tiger
The Cheetah Who Knocked the Spots Off All the Other Jungle Animals
The Crocodile’s Trip to the Dentist
The Elephant With the Biggest Ears
The Fish Who Couldn’t Swim
The Green Greenfly Who Didn’t Like Green
The Pirate’s Parrot Who Couldn’t Say His P’s Properly
The Rabbit with the Fluffiest Tail
The Rhinocerous with the Loudest Roar
The Snake With No Hiss
The Stickleback Who Got Stuck Back
The Tiger With The Longest Tail
Two Ticks – A Game To Ensure That You Get All Ticks In Your Exams
The Toad’s Wedding Bells
The Wolf’s Whistle
The Yakkety Yak
The Zipped Up Zebra
SN – AP ! The Dog
Bob the Bobcat
The Monkey Who Went Ape About Monkey Nuts !
The Cross Zebra Crossing On The Zebra Crossing
Rita the Cheetah The Greatest Ever Cracker Eater
The Yelp In The Alps – Bernard the Saint Bernard Dog and the Greatest Ever Maths WOOF ! (With Yodelling Game)
Chuckles Chutney The Church Dormouse
The Skylark Who Sounded Better In The Dark
Reptile On The Roof
Briefly Beefy With Mat the Matador & The Bull In The China Shop Maths Quiz
The Viper Who Vapourised
Scrumpy Jack, The Cider Spider
The Adventures of Bumble Bee,The Most Bumbling Super – Bee – ro There Ever Could Be
The Penguin From Penzance
Echo the Freckled Gecko
Pet Shop Maths
Celia Seal The Ceiling Seal Who Got Sealed and Lucille the Loose Seal
Vol The Revolving Vole
The Wriggly Worm On A Fishing Hook
Ago – Knee Ant
The Chubby Grub
The Razorbill Called Bill Who Grew A Beard
Two Cockatoos
The Mad Hatter Who Couldn’t Get His Hat To Fit
The Cuckoo Who Lived On Cloud Cuckoo Land
I Knew A Gnu
Batty Dingbat Bats
Freaky Frogs
Gertrude and Mirtle, The Pair of Turtles
The Enchanting Ant
The Kitten’s Mittens
The Full Gull
The Highest Ever I.Q. Game
Horatio Rat At Quite A Rate
Yoghi Beard
A Moth A Month
The Liveliest Cricket
The Pecan Who Pecked A Pecan Nut
Puff the Magic Dragon Who Dragged On
Aunty Millicent the Militant Millipede & Centurions of Centipedes
Flo The Glowing Glow Worm Who Couldn’t Go
The Freckly Greckle
Superbig Superbugs
The Tiny Blue Tit Who Wanted To be A Titan In Jack’s Beanstalk Tree
The Baby Sparrow On The Branches of Jack Beanstalk’s Tree
The TV Lice – nce In Jack’s Beanstalk
The Beetle In Jack’s Beanstalk Who Wanted To Be A Singing Beatle
The Rockin’ Robin
Flutter and Fluster
Russell the Bristly Jack Russell Who Couldn’t Whistle
The Boar Who Bore All The Way from Borneo
Fluffy and Scruffy
Doin’ The Funky Groovy Chicken
The Microscopic Microbe Who Only Ever Wanted To Be A Superbig Superbug
Tabatha the Flabby Tabby Cat
The Fantastic Spider Fan With Fangs
Spike the Spiky Porcupine
Bernie Bear and Harry Hare’s Trip To The Fayre
Ty, the Tyrannasaurus Rex
The Final Fish From Finland With The Finest Fin
The Funky Monkey Who Collected Junk
The Tortoise Who Taught Maths
Patch and Scratch
As Happy As A Skylark
Jack’s Pet – Lukewarm Luke The Fluke
Catch Ya’ Later, Alligator
Larry the Lamb and the Other Critters Around Jack’s Beanstalk
The Hopping Mad Grasshopper With High Hopes
The Grasshopper Got No Grass
The Honey Bee Who Got The Sneezes
The Flea Who Went To School
The Buzzard Who Buzzed About Maths
The Slow – Worm Who Was Slow At Maths
Piggy In The Middle
The Lizard Who Was A Maths Wizard
The Chimpanzee Who Couldn’t Stop Monkeying Around
Grand Duke Duck
A Grasp of Spelling Asp
The Crafty Raft and the Even Craftier, Rafty Fox
The Frump Who Was Down In The Dumps
The Wacky Jabbering Jabber – Wocky
The Elephant Who Got A Conker Stuck Up His Conk !
Natalie the Gnat
The Unicorn Who Went To The City University
The Zebra Who Got Lost In Zanzibar Zoo
The Balmoral Mouse Who Wanted To Learn The Bagpipes
The Chauffeur Chaffinch
The Koala Who Came To Stay From Kuala Lumpa
Gertrude the Gerbil
The Mighty Termite
Oscar The Ostrich
Bonkers Conkers
The Bird of Paradise That Came To Stay In Jack’s Beanstalk
The Falcon and the Golden Eagle Who Flew Over Jack’s Beanstalk
Eliza the Lively Lizard and the Slivery Delivery
The Poor Porcupine
The Honky Tonky Donkey and The Funky Clunky Monkey
Mid The Squid

The Adventures of Monseigneur Money Spider (Who Didn’t Have A Penny)
Money ! Money ! Money !
Adventures In The Bank
Adventures In The Supermarket
Adventures In The Broom Cupboard
Robinson Crusoe Money Spider On A Desert Island
Frankie The Cranky Bank Manager
‘ Arry The ‘Airy Spider
Spidery Clap Trap
Money Makes The World Go Round
The World Wide Web
Monseigneur Money Spider & The Out Of Control Money Making Machine
The Know It All Spider Who Really Didn’t Know Anything At All

Astronaut Sputnik Stories
Astro the Astronaut’s Great Countdown
The Telescope & Astronaut Sputnik’s X – Ray Vision
Astronaut Sputnik’s Telescope Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s New Moon Boots
The There and Back Departure Game
The Size Ninety Nine Moon Boots Mathematics Quiz
Astronaut Sputnik’s Eclipse of the Sun
Astronaut Sputnik’s Astronomical Astro Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s Ace Space Race
Aliens Have Landed
Astronaut Sputnik’s Universe University
The Mesmerised By Multiplying Meteorites Mathematics Game
Galaxy Fill In The Gaps
The Up and Down Countdown Game
When Astronaut Sputnik Stood On A Spud
The Dent In Astronaut Sputnik’s Helmet
Astronaut Sputnik’s Acci – “Dent”
The Hole In Astronaut Sputnik’s Moonsuit
When Astronaut Sputnik Fell In A Pot Hole Game
Other Side of the Moon Game
The Well Suited Spacesuit Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s Bright White Light Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s Moondust Rock Dance
Astronaut Sputnik’s Moon Hop
Astronaut Sputnik In A Jammy Doughnut Traffic Jam
When Astronaut Sputnik’s Planted The Wrong Flag
Astronaut Sputnik Bright White Light Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s Moondust Rock Dance
Astronaut Sputnik’s Moon Hop
Astronaut Sputnik’s Hello From the Moon
Astronaut Sputnik As A Space Cadet with Space Cadet Spellings
Astronaut Sputnik And the Comet In The Cosmos
Astronaut Sputnik’s Aroundabout Atmosphere Game
Cosmic Word Game
Astronaut Sputnik’s Extra – Terrestrial Game
Across The Cosmos Calculations
The Robot With A Loose Screw
A Touch of The Light Fantastic
What If We Could Travel Faster Than Light Travel ?
The Magic Meteorite
How The Man In The Moon Got To The Moon So Soon
The Roman Messenger Who Couldn’t Reach the Gods
The Satellite That Veered Off Course
The Rocket That Went the Wrong Way
What If You Could Vacation In Space ?
Astronaut Mice On The Planet Zorg
The Astro Police
Life On The Planet Zorg
My Moon Buggy Has A Puncture On The Planet Zorg
Planet Zorg Flowers
Games On The Planet Zorg
Road Signs On Planet Zorg
Schools On The Planet Zorg
Going Shopping On The Planet Zorg
Television On The Planet Zorg
The Alien Who Landed On The Planet Zorg
The Planet Zorg
What Made The Planet Zorg Spin
Com – et & Meteorite Game
The Space Rocket With No BOOM ! In It’s Zoom
Astro Captain Astro In Cyberspace
The Ace Place In Outer Space
Radar and The Star – Gazing Razzmatazz Quiz
Whirly World
Milky Way Away Day
Helter Skelter Astro Mouse
Astro Mouse Panoramic View
Astro Mouse “As” Catchphrase Game
Mister A. Looney, The Lunar Lunatic
The Zoom Zone
Flying Saucers
Up, Up and Away
Pots and Pans
Upturned on Jupiter
Up On Jupiter
Radio Rodeo
One Hundred Million Stars
Astro Sputnik’s Return Journey
Astro’s MBE Award Game
Beam Me Up
Martha and the Marcia the Martians Who Made It To Mars Market
Atomic Mick and Bionic Nick
The S – cut – tling Shuttle
Forty Winks Flying Four Light Years Above The World
Astro Maniacs Who Mainly Maneouvered In From The Mainland
Astro Divvy
The Aliens Have Re – Landed
Astro Stun the Sun Gun
Astro Sputnik and the Snappy Zapper
Cat – ASTRO – phe, The Astro Cat
Thunderbirds Wonder Words
The Eleventh Hour
Masters Of The Maths Universe
Theory Of Rel – ativity
The Black Hole & The Spaceship’s Hold
Masters Of The Maths Universe
Alien – Nation
Astro Gnome’s Astronomy Class & The Big Bang Maths Quiz
Astro Sputnik’s Broken Satellite Lights
Earth Calling Space
The Cosmic Just ‘Cos Mo In The Cosmos Game
The End Of Space Time

Beanstalk Talk
Jack’s Beanstalk Grapevine
The Dormouse Who Overslept One Winter
Buckets, Paintbrushes and Wallpaper Paste – Jack Paints the Beanstalk With Considerable Haste
Witch Hazel and the Magic Hazelnut
The Hornet At The Beanstalk Horticulture Show
The Moon Over Jack’s Beanstalk
The Birds Who Flew Over Jack’s Beanstalk
When Jack Met – Rick – A Beanstalk Version of Metric Conversion
The Aubergine and the Tangerine In Jack’s Beanstalk
Worzel The Weasil Who Couldn’t Whistle
The Hedgerow Who Got Stuck In The Hedgerow
What Time Is It, Mister Wolf ?
The Vowel Owl
The Snail Who Wanted To Travel Faster Than At A Snail’s Pace
The Imps Who Lived Beneath Jack’s Beanstalk
The Tree House In Jack’s Beanstalk
When Jack Met – Rick – A Beanstalk Version of Conversion
Jack’s Beanstalk Pinochio Puppets
Ogy the Ogre Who Lived In Jack’s Beanstalk
The Skunk Who Lived In The Beanstalk Trunk
Grub – Club
The Cat Who Got Caught In The Beanstalk Branches
The Cabbage Patch Next Door
John Walker, The Rambler Who Got Caught In The Brambles
When Spring Sprang In Jack’s Beanstalk
Step Ladder Maths Quiz
The Pigeon Who Couldn’t Find The Right Pigeonhole
Lilliput Valley
Jitterbugging Litterbug
Jack Beanstalk’s Tremendous Tree
Stone the Crows – It’s Harvest Maths !
The Day When Jack Went Picking Up Leaves Beneath the Beanstalk

Beginner’s Manuals
A Beginner’s Manual For Spies
A Beginner’s Manual For Painters
A Beginner’s Manual For Chefs
A Beginner’s Manual For Mechanics
A Beginner’s Manual For Swimmers
A Beginner’s Manual For Teachers
Doctor Do Little Doolittle

Biggest & Smallest Stories
Big and Little
Big Foot’s New Boots
The Biggest Car With The Smallest Engine
The Biggest Feast
The Biggest Fish In The World
The Biggest Flower In The World
The Biggest Full – Stop
The Giraffe With the Longest Neck
The Biggest Handkerchief In The World
The Biggest Hat Stand In The World
The Biggest Mouse
The Biggest Mushroom In The World
The Biggest Oak Tree
The Biggest Omlette In The World
The Spider Who Couldn’t Get His Shoes To Fit
The Biggest Stamp In The World
The Biggest Block Of Chocolate In The World
The Dwarf Who Always Dunno
The Student Elf’s Nursery Rhyme
The Biggest Sausage Hot Dog In The World
The Biggest Ice – Cream Sundae In The World
The Longest Leap
The Magic Magnifying Glass
The Most Monstrous Monster
The Sad And Lonely Giant
The Tallest Chimney In The World
The Biggest Breakfast
The Deer With Big Ideas
The World’s Biggest Balloon
The Biggest Boat In The World
Hugo The Huge Giant
Thinking Thick & Thin
The Wider Spider
The Most Mammoth Maths Quiz

Millions and Millions of Cash Stories
The Brightest Diamond
Be an Instant Cash Winner
The Never Ending Diamond Mine
Millions, Billions & Zillions
Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less
Dollar Stretcher

All About Christmas Activities
The Three Kings’ Broken Telescope
The Best & Biggest Christmas Tree In The World
Father Christmas’s Christmas Boots
When Father Christmas Got Stuck In The Chimney
The Fairy At The Top Of The Christmas Tree
Mrs Christmas’s Magic Christmas Kitchen
The Magic Christmas Manger for Jesus
Santa Claus In A Christmas Pickle
The Christmas Robin’s Search For A New Home
Father Christmas’s Magic Spectacle
The Magic Christmas Stocking
The Biggest Christmas Turkey In The World
The Elf Left On The Shelf
The Magic Explosive Christmas Cracker
Father Christmas & The Internet Explorer
Father Christmas’s Lost Bobble Hat
Father Christmas’s Mince Pies
Father Christmas’s Magic Sleigh
When Father Christmas’s Sleigh Had A Puncture
Good King Wenceslas
The Magic Grotto Pantomine
Father Christmas’s Juggling Jingle Bells
Father Christmas’s Mad Dash
Father Christmas & The Magic Bobsleigh
The Magic Christmas Choir Boy
The Magic Christmas Present
The Magic Christmas Snowball
The Magic Christmas Star
The Magic Christmas Wrapping Paper
Father Christmas’s Magic “Ho ! Ho ! Ho!”
The Magic Letter to Santa
The Magic Christmas Snowflake
The Magic Christmas Snowman & The Magic Christmas Party
Mrs Christmas’s Christmas Shopping Trip
Rudolph The Reindeer Has A Cold
Santa’s Magic Medicine Cupboard
The Magic Rocking Horse Made by Santa
Santa’s Sandwiches
Scrooge’s Lost Christmas Penny
Father Christmas’s Magic Silent Night
The Christmas That Santa Claus Sang
The Christmas That Santa Sank
The Hole In Father Christmas’s Magic Booty Bag
The Wise Man Who Lost The Way
Santa Claus The Cat Burglar
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night
The Magic Christmas Fairy Who Lost Her Wand
When A Cat Burglar Nicked Santa’s Sleigh
Santa Claus’s Double Winter Trouble When His Bobble Wobbled
The Christmas When Santa Ran Out of Mince Pies
Santa Claws and Santa Paws
Santa’s Gnome, Gerome, Whose Christmas Stockings Wouldn’t Stay Up !
The Christmas When Santa Had A Powercut
Santa and Mo The Eskimo’s Fishing Trip In The North Pole
Holly Bush
Santa’s Kitchen Tiles
The Christmas When Santa Sat On A Holly Leaf
The Buckle On Santa’s Belt
The Christmas When Santa Went Bananas On A Tropical Holiday
The Christmas When Santa Went Snow – Boarding
The Christmas When The Christmas Fairy Lost Her Magic Wand
The Christmas When Santa Tried His Hand At Golf
The Christmas When Santa Went To Get His White Beard Trimmed
The Christmas When Santa’s Nose Didn’t Shine
The Christmas When Santa’s Snowman Came In From The Cold
The Christmas When Santa Had No Presents
The Christmas When Santa Forgot The Date
The Christmas When Santa’s Christmas Cards Got Stuck In The Letterbox
The Christmas When Santa Got A New Paintbox
The Christmas When Santa Missed The Chimney Pot
The Christmas When Santa Met A Pirate
The Christmas When Santa Ran Out of Turkey & The Turkey Ran Out
The Christmas When Santa Found A Mouse In The Grotto
The Christmas When Santa Learned How To Dance
The Christmas When Santa Broke The Garden Gate
The Christmas When Santa’s Stamp Stuck
The Mishap Christmas When Santa Lost His Map
The Christmas When Santa Broke The Window
The Christmas When Santa Forgot To Switch On Christmas
The Christmas When Santa’s Turkey Got In A Flap
The Christmas When Santa’s Gnome, Gerome, Got Stuck In The Garden Shed
The Christmas When Santa Planted A New Christmas Tree
The Christmas When Santa’s Milkman Stayed For Tea
The Christmas When Santa Lost His Key
The Christmas When Santa Got A Boat
The Christmas When Santa Got Stuck Under The Mistletoe
The Christmas When Santa Got A Broken Heart & One Artistic Christmas
The Christmas When Santa Fell In The Pond
The Christmas When Santa Made History
The Christmas That Santa Spent In The Police Station
The Christmas When Santa Got Stuck On The Alps
The Christmas When Santa Learned To Drive An Aeroplane
The Christmas When Santa’s Grandfather Clock Stopped
The Christmas When Santa Joined The Choir
The Christmas When Santa Couldn’t Reach The Chimney Pot
The Christmas When Santa Learned To Read
The Christmas When Santa Found Gold
The Christmas That Santa Spent On The Roof
The Christmas That Santa Met The Queen
The Christmas When Santa and Rudolph Got Caught In The Rain
The Christmas When Santa Joined A Rugby Club
The Christmas When Santa Painted The Sleigh
The Christmas When Santa Lost His Glass Of Sherry
The Christmas When Santa Missed The Post
The Christmas When Santa Met A Friendly Phantom Ted In The Grotto
The Christmas That Santa Spent In The Train Station
The Christmas That Santa Got A Fishing Rod
The Christmas That Santa Got A New Pair Of Knitting Needles
The Christmas When Santa Got A Box Of Magic Tricks
The Christmas That Santa Got A Magic Chess Set
The Christmas When Santa Tried To Be A Megastar
The Christmas When Santa Learned To Ski
The Christmas When Santa Got A Tennis Racquet
The Christmas When Santa Was Spotted Missing The Point
The Christmas That Santa Spent Stuck In The Lift At The Supermarket
The Christmas That Santa’s Sleigh Flew On The Wrong Flight Path
The Christmas That Santa Spent In Hospital
Santa’s Formula One Grand Prix
The Christmas That Santa’s Ladder Didn’t Reach The Chimney
The Christmas That Santa Got Stuck At The Traffic Lights
Santa And The Lopsided Christmas Tree
The Christmas That Santa’s Scarf Unravelled
The Christmas That Santa Spent In A Lighthouse
The Christmas That Santa Got A Ticket To The Zoo
Santa’s Trip Around The World Without Any Signposts
The Christmas That Santa Exchanged His Wellingtons For Walking Boots
Santa’s Christmas Helicopter Rescue Ride
Santa’s Visit To Tom Thumb
Santa’s Garage Sale
The Loose Tile On Santa’s Roof
Mrs. Christmas’s Lost Knitting Pattern
The Christmas When Santa Got A New Exercise Bicycle As A Present
Santa’s Rubber Duck & The Christmas That Went With A Real Splash !
The Christmas When Santa Went Around the World With A Tourist Guide
Santa’s Christmas Washing Day
The Christmas When’s Santa Gift Was A Hairdryer
Santa’s Christmas Toolbox
The Magic Hole Dug By Santa’s Magic Bucket & Spade
Santa’s Christmas Bird – Watching Trip
Santa’s Christmas Trip In A Caravan
The Christmas That Santa Arrived In A Submarine
The Christmas When Santa Received A Calculator
Santa’s Grotto Spring Clean
The Christmas That Santa Arrived By Parachute
The Christmas That Santa Took A Wrong Turn Towards The Black Hole
The Christmas That Santa Stayed At Home
The Christmas That Santa Landed On The Photocopier
The Christmas Present That Santa Couldn’t Lift Up
The Christmas That Santa Didn’t Get Any Mail
The Christmas That Santa’s Bell Got Stolen
The Christmas That Santa’s Reindeer Ran Away
Santa’s Surprise Christmas
Mrs. Christmas’s Wobbly Jelly
Santa’s Magic Christmas Forklift Truck
The Christmas That Santa Landed In The Vegetable Patch
The Christmas That Santa Got A Magic *** TV
The Christmas That Santa Got A Magic *** Video Recorder
The Christmas That Santa Lost His Marbles
Santa’s Pocket Mouse
The Christmas That Santa Learned To Ride A Bicycle
The Year That Santa’s Christmas Present Was A New *** Mobile Telephone
Aladdin Santa And The Christmas That Santa Arrived On A Magic Rug
The Lost Button On Santa’s Coat
Santa’s Magic Crystal Ball Christmas & The Gypsy Rose Spell
The Christmas When Santa Lost A Piece Of His Jigsaw
The Christmas When Santa Arrived Via Windows
The Christmas That Santa Got A *** Make – Up Box As A Present

The Clothes People Wear

The Cloth Cap
Dick’s Dickie Bow Tie
The Easter Bonnet
The Glass Slipper
When Grandma Knitted A New Woolly Scarf
Holier Than Thou
A Pair of Jeans
The Kitten’s Mittens
The Most Magical Glove
Pull Ya’ Socks Up !
My Slippy New Slippers
Twenty Uses For A Useless Sombraro
The Hole In My Pocket
The Topsy – Turvy Uniform Shop
My Wonderful Wellington Boots
Joseph and the Techni – Colour Dreamcoat
Jean The Genie and the Genius Pair of Jeans
These Boots Were Made For Walking
The Thai Who Owned A Tie Shop
Sock It To ‘ Em !
The Egyptian Mummy’s New Fez Hat
Rag Bag
Suit Yourself

Dancing Stories About Parties
B – Bop
The Belly Dancer’s Belly
Belly Flop
The Most Magic Birthday Present
The Explosive Christmas Cracker
The Croc Who Couldn’t Rock On the Crocodile Rock
Rattling Rattlesnakes
Waltzing Mathilda
The OK Dokey Hokey Cokey
Bonfire Night
The Pink Flamingo’s Flamenco Dance
Twists and Turns
The Tango – ing Tangerine
Let’s Party Maths !
Hop, B – Bop Full – Stop Game
A Class – Less Maths Society

Food, Cooking & Tasty Things to Eat
Don’t Look For Apples Under a Poplar Tree
The Banquet’s Lost Chalice
The Biggest Omlette In The World
The Pot Who Called The Kettle Black
Bouncing Boiled Potatoes and Rolling Brussel Sprouts
The Biggest Bubble Gum Bubble
Hannibal the Cannibal’s Search for the Most Succulent Steak
Mr Casanova P. Nut In Love
Caught In A Jam
Blockbusters & The Broken Chocolate Machine
The Witches’ Wonderfully Creamy Custard
Who’s Coming to Dinner Tonight ?
Eggs For Easter
The Fizzy Can of Pop
The Amazing Fruit Tree
The Giant Apple
Gingerbread Man & The Cake Race
The Great Grater
Globe – Trotting Gum Ball
Hot Cross Buns
Jelly Babies
Karate Chop
Lollipop Land
The Magic Milk Bottle
Mis – Steak and the Mis – taken Identity
Miss Ballerina P. Nut and the Magic Peanut Wish
Hot As Mustard
A Very Personal Pizza
The Pop Star Popcorn Who Couldn’t Hear Himself Pop
The Puffin’s Muffin
The Scrumptious Pumpkin
A Recipe For Disaster
A Sandwich Short Of A Picnic
Scooby the Scarecrow Who Couldn’t Scare Crows and Rows of Crows
Sheik Shake It All About & The Shaking Milkshake
There’s No Point In Crying Over Spilt Milk
Sticky Syrup
The Magic Teddy Bear’s Magic Picnic
The Bee Who Got Stuck On A Honey Bun
The Broken Fridge
Tommy Tomato & Tommy Tomato’s Tomato Two Mates
A Watched Kettle Never Boils
The Circus Master’s Lost Candy Floss
Salt N’ Pepper
The Fried Eggs Maths Game
Pickled Onions
The Out – of – Date Ape Ate By An Ape
Fromage Frais
Harriet Harricot, Jack Beanstalk’s Girlfriend
Jack Beanstalk’s No Kiddin’ Kidney Bean Game
Orange Squash and Lemon Crush
Bangers From Bangor and Mash In Massachusetts
Jack Beanstalk’s Black Forest Gateau
The Exploding Meringue
Jack’s Back
Three Egg Cups
Pea Shooter and Pea Soup
Jack Beanstalk’s Toad In The Hole
The Pair of Pears
Parkin In The Parking Lot
What’s The Fastest Cake In The World – Scone !
Packet of Crisps
Who Put The Hole In The Swiss Cheese ?
Frieda’s Fried Eggs All Friday
The Parrot’s Carrot
Aubergine Tangerine

Games & Having Fun
The Acrobat & His Accomplice
The Swiftest Arrow Ever Shot By Casper the Medieval Knight
I Kicked a Political Football From Me to You
My Boomerang Won’t Come Back
The Cheating Cheetah
The Magic Chess Board
Dick the Cricket Cricket Wicket Keeper
The Frog Who Learned to Swim
As High As A Kite
Hotchpotch Hopskotch
Jigsaw Mix – Up Anagram Games
The Jobless Joker
Jumpin’ Jack
The Shaking Milkshake
The Most Magic Dice and As Straight As A Dice
Shuffling Pack of Cards
The Scrambled Egg Scambled Scrabble Letters
Tin Soldiers
The Trampolining Flea
The Young Yoyo’s Yippety Doodaa
The Furry Teddy Bear Game
Ready ! Steady ! Go ! Athletics Maths
Puppet On A String
Rugby Championship
Ooo Aaaa Cantona
Taking Turns
Grandstand Bandstand
The Snooker Ball Who Accused The Snooker Cue Of Not Getting In The Queue
Blind Man’s Buff
Crocodile Croquet
Pinball Wizard
Skateboarding Maths
Swimming Baths Maths
Soccer Line Up
Sindy and Barbie Doll
Follow My Leader
Maths Tug of War
Legs Eleven – A Look At The Number 11
The Bracket Tennis Raquet Game
Maths Marathon
Grand National Maths
The “All For One” & “One Four – All” Musketeer Maths Game
Ready, Steady, Go ! Teddy, Freddie, Blow ! Maths Bubbles Game
Booming, Blooming Boomerangs

Adventures of Chuckle Buckle The Clown’s Circus Series
Cirus The Circus Clown & His Nose For Shows
Chuckle Buckle and the Chuckling Book
Chuckle Buckle and the Chuckling Fishing Hook
Chuckle Buckle The Chuckling Cook
The Day When Chuckle Buckles Chuckling Stuck
Chuckle’s Let’s Party ! Game
Chuckle Buckle, The Laughing Policeman and the Chuckling Crook
Chuckle Buckle and the Chucklin’ Buckle Shoes
Chuckle Buckle’s Smile A Mile
Swish – Swashbuckling Chuckle Buckle
Acrobatic Ticks In Cuckle Buckle’s Circus
The Hippopotamus In The Hippodrome
Lancelot the Lion’s Lie In
When Lancelot Lion Met A Lizard
Lancelot the Lion’s Tail
Lancelot the Lion’s Day Out Picking Dandelions
Nelly the Elephant’s Trunk Call
Captain Marvellous’s Marvellous Maths Quiz
Mister Ben D Legs the Acrobat

Witches, Goblins & Fairies
The Biggest Spider’s Web
The Witch’s (Un)Lucky Black Cat
Crystal Ball
The Devilish and Demon Like Saint
The Princess’s Dream Through the Night
Dreams Can Come True
The Fairy At The Fair
Fairy Wings
Mary the Fairy and the Swish – Ish Magic Wish
The Fairy Who Lost Her Way Home
The Ghost’s Halloween
The Goblin’s Great Adventure
The Halloween Pumpkin
The Ghost’s Halloween
The Loch Ness Monster
The Most Magic Spell
The Tired Angel
The Witch’s Broom
The Witch’s Hat
The Witch’s Kitchen
The Wizard’s Crumpled Black Hat
The Fairy With Double Bubble Trouble
Bluebell Glade and The Enchanted Forest
The Elf’s Wheelbarrow
Gypsy Rose Lee’s Magic Rose Smelling Spelling Spell
Mission Impossible for an Imp
The Magician’s Magic Maths Hat and Magic Maths Wand
The Marvellous Marvel
The Mathematic Gardener Garden Gnome and the Magic Garden Shed
The Most Scary Ghost Who Gets Everything Lost !
The Most Toast Ever Eaten By A Ghost
The Spectre With No Spectacles
Boo the Ghostly Poltergeist
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall
Mag The Magician and The Magic Housekeeping Trick
Casandra Witch’s Catastrophic Quiz
Jean The Genie and the Genius Pair of Jeans
The Itchy Witch
The Pumpernickel Goblin and the Pumpkin
The Self – Elf On The Bookshelf
Witch Hazel and the Magic Hazelnut
Ogy the Ogre Who Lived In Jack’s Beanstalk

Historical Stories
What If a New Disease Is Created ?
The Egyptian Mummy’s First Aid Kit
Ann The Anglo Saxon
The Roman Gladiators of Ancient Rome – The Centipede Centurion and the 100 Per Cent Quiz
Biblical Maths
Knight Goodnight
The Only Fair Pharoah
Ethelred and Fredred The Well Read Vikings
Scot of the Antarctic
Atilla The Hun
The Egyptian Mummy’s New Fez Hat
Sultan Sultana
The Colossal Colosseum Game
Caesar Caesar Salad
The Roman Urn
Buddha’s Maths Game
Colin The Roman Gladiator’s Colossal Spelling Game
Grease Lightening In Greece
Nero The Zero Hero
The Roman Gladiator’s Discus Spelling Game

Hungry Animals Who Eat Everything
The Hungry Alligator Who Ate A Gate
The Hungry Bear Who Ate Too Much Honey
The Hungry Caterpillar Who Fell Off The Flowers
The Hungry Kitten Who Drank Too Much Milk
The Hungry Puffin Who Couldn’t Catch Any Fish
The Hungry Puppy Who Couldn’t Find His Bone
The Hungry Rabbit and the Enormous Carrot
The Hungry Bird Who Ate Too Many Worms
The Hungry Goldfish Who Drank Too Much Water
The Hungry Jellyfish Who Ate Too Much Jelly
The Hungry Monkey Who Ate Too Many Coconuts
The Hungry Octopus Who Ate Too Many Starfish
The Hungry Seagull Who Ate Too Much Fish And Chips
The Hungry Shark Who Ate Too Many Boats
The Hungry Slug Who Ate Too Much Cabbage
The Hungry Spider Who Ate Too Many Flies
The Hungry Who Snake Who Drank Too Much Milkshake
The Hungry Bookworm Who Ate A Whole Book
The Hungry Chimpanzee Who Ate A Pan For Tea
The Hungry Crane Who Ate A Crane
The Hungry Fruit Fly Who Ate A Whole Orchard
The Hungry Greenfly Who Ate A Whole Bowling Green
The Hungry Housefly Who Ate A Whole House
The Hungry Woodpecker Who Ate A Whole Wood
The Hungry Goose Who Ate Too Many Gooseberries
The Hungry Bluebottle Who Ate A Whole Bottle Of *** Ketchup
The Hungry Dog Who Got The Hots For Hotdogs

Creatures With Eating Features (Test)

Romantic Stories That Fall In Love
My Broken Heart
Having A Change Of Heart
Love At First Sight
I Blew A Kiss From Me To You
Cupid’s Stupid Arrow

Magic Everythings
The Clown’s Magic Balloon
The Most Magic Pair of Binoculars
The Most Magic Boiled Egg
The Magic Bucket & Magic Spade
The Most Magic Tree
The Most Magic Wand
The Magic Watering Can and the Magic Sunflower
The Most Magic Woolly Sheep
The Most Magical Cake Mixer
The Most Magical Cushion
The Most Magical Drum
The Most Magical High Heels
The Most Magical Pen
The Most Magical Scissors
The Most Magical Spectacles
The Old Magicician’s Wand Whose Magic Didn’t Work Anymore
The Most Magic Jellyfish
The Magic Peanut Bush
The Most Magic Bird
The Most Magic Glove
The Most Magic Iron
The Most Magic Mirror
The Most Magic Sock
The Most Magic Washing Machine
The Most Magic Wooden Spoon
The Magic Acorn
The Most Magic Bell
The Most Magic Biscuit
The Most Magic Boat In The World
The Most Magic Bus – Stop
The Most Magic Bus
The Most Magic Button
The Most Magic Cafeteria
The Magic Cake
The Most Magic Camera
The Most Magic Carpet Ride
The Magic Chess Board
The Most Magic Chocolate Box
The Most Magical Christmas Card
The Magic Christmas Stocking
The Magic Christmas Wrapping Paper
The Most Magic Cloud
The Most Magic Coconut
The Magic Compass
The Most Magic Computer
The Most Magic Cooking Pot
The Most Magic Cow
The Magic Cricket Ticket
The Most Magic Dice
The Magic Doll’s House
The Most Magic Dream
The Most Magic Piece of Driftwood
The Most Magic Marshmallow
The Most Magic Drum
The Most Magic Dustbin
The Most Magic Eraser
The Most Magic Factory
The Most Magic Feather Duster
The Most Magic Fishing Rod
The Magic Flower Pot & The Magic Honey Bee
The Magic Football Shirt
The Most Magic Forest
The Most Magic Frying Pan
The Most Magic Garden Shed
The Most Magic Garden
The Most Magic Ghost
The Most Magic Giggle
The Most Magical Glove
The Most Magic Golden Ring
The Most Magic Greenhouse
The Magician’s Magic Orchestra
The Most Magic Hammer And Nail
The Most Magic Hand
The Most Magic Hat
The Most Magic Honey Bee
The Most Magic Ice – Cube
The Most Magic Key
The Magic Knife and Fork
The Most Magic Ladder
The Most Magic Library
The Most Magic Lightbulb
The Magic Mystery
The Most Magic Mystery Magnifying Glass
The Most Magic Marshmallow
The Most Magical Marsupial
The Most Magical Match That Wouldn’t Blow Out
The Most Magic Medicine
The Magic Mermaid Who Painted The Sea
The Magic Message In A Bottle
The Most Magic Milk Jug
The Most Magic Mite
The Most Magic Moments
The Magic Mop
The Magic Mountain
The Most Magic Mystery
The Most Magic Needle & Thread
The Most Magic Newspaper
The Most Magic Paintbrush
The Most Magic Paper Bag
The Most Magic Parachute
The Most Magic Party Hat
The Magic Peanut Bush
The Most Magic Pebble
The Most Magic Penny
The Most Magic Perfume
The Most Magic Pill
The Most Magic Plant Pot & Watering Can
The Most Magic Postcard
The Most Magic Prayer
The Most Magic Question Mark
The Most Magic Rainbow
The Most Magic Raindrop
The Most Magic Remote Control
The Most Magic Rolling Pin
The Magic Rubber Duck
The Most Magic Runner Bean
The Most Magic Salt ‘n’ Pepper Pot
The Magic Crow & The Even More Magic Scarecrow
The Most Magic Shoe
The Most Magic Shopping Basket
The Most Magic Skateboard
The Most Magic Skipping Rope
The Most Magic Slice of Bread & Butter
The Most Magic Smile
The Magic Snowflake That Wouldn’t Melt
The Most Magic Soap
The Most Magic Sock
The Most Magic Speech Bubble
The Most Magic Spell
The Most Magic Spider’s Web
The Magic Spoon
The Most Magic Stamp In The World
The Most Magic Star
The Magic Stopwatch
The Most Magic Sugar Bowl & Most Magic Sugar Stealer
The Magic Tap Dancing Shoes
The Most Magic Taxi
The Most Magic Teapot
The Most Magic Telephone
The Magic Tin of Baked Beans
The Most Magic Tomato
The Most Magic Top Hat
The Most Magic Toy Shop
The Most Magic Tractor
The Most Magic Train Ticket
The Most Magic Trick
The Most Magic Volcanic Explosion
The Magic Market Stall
The Carpenter’s Magic Hammer

Music & Orchestral Stories
The Symbols Crashed
The Magic Tamborine
My Magic Music Master
The Whistle That Blew Through the Orchestra
The Rockin’ Rock
Rolling Stone
Rock ‘N’ Roll Roly – Poly
Playing Second Fiddle
Sing – A – Long – A – Ding – Dong
The Magic Elephant’s Trumpet
The Baboon’s Tune
Walky Talky Radio
The Woodland Orchestra
Monica Harmonica

Who’s Who Stories About People
Aunty Ant
My Little Golden Bahini
Bendy Wendy
Bulga From Bulgaria
Cardinal Smelly Foot and the Holy Sock
Clean Jean & Cleaner Tina
Clearer Vera
Doddery & Dodgy
Gobble – De – Gook
Grandma Losing Her Memory
The Great Dane
The Greedy Swede
Gypsy Rose
Hair ‘em – Scare ‘em
Hey Cool Dude !
The Hot Scot
Hoyty – Toyty
The Hungry Man From Hungary
Ian the Electric Eel Electrician
Jolly Molly & Merry Jerry
Large Marge
Lazy Daisy
The Lucky Lepricaun
Meeting God
Milly – Molly
Miss Mishap
Mr. Odd Balls O.D.B. All From Oddsall
Olga From The Volga
Plain Jane
The Pole From Poland
Poorer Laura & Even Poorer Dora
The Pole From Poland
Poorer Laura & Even Poorer Dora
Slack Jack
Snoozy Asleep On The Job
Snuggle Huggle
Sobby Bobby
Sonic & Tonic
The Fly Who Wanted to be a Superhero
Tall Paul & Taller Paula
Thin Lynne
Cook Tuck
Wild Bill
Policeman Please
Jack the Blacksmith
Rolf the Golfer
Ten Ton Tessy
Twelve Twerps
Hustle and Bustle
Mister Metric
Dennis The Menace
Jack Flash
Miss Locket In A Pocket
Wierd, Wild & Wonderful
Juicy Lucy
P.C. Plod and the Exploding Meringue
The Damp Tramp & Maths On The Scrapheap
Maxine’s Maximum Maxim
Tinkering Tinker
Eizabeth Glisten
Slim Jim
Willy Nilly
The Gondalier Gone Crazy

Air Bubbles
The Boring Old Stone
The Flower That Wouldn’t Grow
The Lucky Lepricaun & The Four – Leaf Clover
Seeds of Ideas
Jeepers Creepers
The Muckiest Muck
Stuck In The Mud
In A Nutshell
Flower Power
Sam Squirrel’s Mystery Acorn
The Boring Old Stone
The Sugar Steelers’ Sweet and Sticky Snuffles
The Star That Fell To The Ground
The Wriggly, Wiggly, Giggly Worm
Rich Oak Leaves
The Four Seasons

Noisy, Crash, Bang Wallop Stories
Clickerty Clack
Crash ! Bang ! Whallop ! What A Din !
Fuddy – Duddy
Kerang ! Knock Your Socks Off !
Oops !
The Loudest Shout !
Where Did My Sneeze Land ?
Tittle – Tattle
Codswallop !
Reindeer In A Rainy Thunderstorm

A New Look At Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales
Three Blind Mice
Cartoon Characters
The Real Story of Cinderella, Prince Charming & The Ugly Sisters
The Real Story of Goldilocks & The Three Bears
Goldilock’s Socks
Hickery Dickery Dock
Higgledy Piggledy
Humpty Dumpty
Itsy-bitsy, Teenie-weenie
Jack & Jill
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Ol’ King Cole’s Throne
Old Macdonald’s Farm
Old Mother Hubbard
Peter Piper
The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood
Robin Hood & His Merry Men
Whilst Robinson Crusoe Was Away
Scuba Diving
See – Saw
Sleeping Beauty
Tom, Tim and Tum
Off to See the Wizard
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Doo and Tweedle Dee
The Grand Ol’ Duke Of York
As I Was Going To Saint Ives
Doctor Foster
Hickory Dickory Dock
Ol’ Mother Hubbard
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Rub – A – Dub – Dub
Georgie Porgie
Little Jack Horner
There Was A Crooked Man
Little Tommy Tucker
Sing A Song of Sixpence
Hey Diddle Diddle
Humpty Dumpty
Little Miss Muffet
Little Bo Peep
Ding Dong Bell
Ride A Cock Horse
Wee Willie Winkie
Two Little Dickie Birds
Tom, Tom, The Piper’s Son
The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat Where Have You Been ?
This Little Piggy Went To Market
Bonny Bobby Shafto !
Punch & Judy Show
Mickey and Mini Mouse In A Miniature World
Bart Simpleton
The Wacky Jabbering Jabber – Wocky
Pied Piper
Hey Diddle, Averages, Mode and Median In The Middle

Parts of the Body
The Biggest Ears
Egg Head
Handy Hands
The Clown’s Happiest Smile
The Longest Legs
The Longest Arm
My Mohican Haircut
Pete’s Feet
Put Up Your Hands
The Smelliest Nose
You Can’t Chew With Somebody Else’s Teeth
The Biggest Hand
My Ticklish Toes
The Funky Funny Bone Game
False Teeth

Places to Live
The Budgerigar’s New Cage
Gypsy Caravan
The Haunted House
My Mud Hut
My Igloo Has A Hole In It’s Roof
Lost Worlds
The Melted Igloo
Painting the Parlour
Swampy Marshes
The Red Indian’s New Teepee
The Bug’s Rug
Tooth Decay City
Treasure Island
When The World Turned Upside Down
When The Furniture Beetle Moved House
The Real Three Stories About The Three Piglets Three Storey Houses
The Gnome’s Home
Tin Can Alley
The Sermon On The Mount About Amount
Method In Your Madness Maths Methodology Madness !

Right Royal Stories
Prince Rupert The Mediaeval Knight
The Highs & Lows Of His Royal Highness His Right Honourable Highness So High He Could Almost Fly Pomp
The Best Palace In The World
The Frog’s Magic Crown
King Cute Canute
The Old King’s Magic Three Wishes
The Poor Prince
The Unpleased Prince Who Wanted to Practise His Dancing
HRH Princess Peacock
Queen Quaver of Quaking Quiver’s Most Magical Piece of Paper That Couldn’t Be Destroyed
The Ruler Ruler
The King of Spades’ Spade
The King Prawn Who Wanted to be a King
The Queen of Hearts Tarts
The Queen’s Magic Crown
The Round Knight of the Round Table
Jewel In the Crown
Princess Emma Emerald
His Excellency Excellent’s Extra Excelling Maths Quiz
HRH Spelling Game

School Subjects
Alpha Atomic Activity
The Chalk, The Chalkboard & The Chalkboard Rubber
How Molly the Molecule Extracted the Zinc Out of Her Chemistry Exam
Who Dunnit ? A Puzzling Clue
My Computer Keyboard Has A Problem
The Creature Feature Teacher
Don’t 4get
The High Flying Elephant Genius
I Can Do
The Inside Out, Upside Down Town
Ben the Bear’s Voyage of Discovery of Inventions
The Mad Scientist & The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory
The Most Magic Mad Scientist
The Mathematician In A Muddle
Multiplication Maths Mania
My Lost Geography Book
Odd One Out
The Oxygen Molecule That Travelled the World’s Body
The Poet Who Got Lost For Words
The Poet Who Didn’t Know It & The Poet Who Did
The P’s & Q’s Mystery
What If They Could Rewire Your Brain To Make You Smarter ?
Simple Simon & Clever Dick Solve Some Sums With A Magic Calculator Trick Quick
Speak Up
The Adder Who Added Everything Up
The Mad Scientist’s Magic, New Idea
Wierd O
Why Y ?
The Highest Ever I.Q.
The 3 r’s

Maritime & The Sea
Mister Muscles The Mussel
The Blubbering Whale
The Broken Compass
The Fishing Boat’s New Anchor
Footsteps in the Sand
All Aboard The Jolly Roger and Captain Roger’s Ol’ Rope
The Magic Bucket & Magic Spade
The Most Magic Sandcastle
The Shark Whose Fins Shrank
Splish – Splash
The Star Fish With Starry Eyes
The Blue Submarine
The Pirate’s Lost Treasure Map and the Even More Lost Treasure
Floating Sam and the Flotsam Boatsman
Captain C. Waves
The Magic Mermaid
Noah’s Ark
The Deep Sea Diver and the Diamond
The Biggest and Best Ever Fishing Net
Ha ! Ha ! m’ Jim Lads
Jona and the Whale
Mister Coastguard the Brave Hero
Slippery Kippers
Angles On Anglesey & Dessert Island Discs
Ross – on – Wye
Alas ! At Last – A Look At The Word Last
Sai – lin ‘
The Finnish Fish Who Finally Made It from Finland
Winky, The Dinky Minky Wale
Alma The Cross Albatross
The Yakkety Yak About A Yak In A Kayak
Mid The Squid

Things About the House
Duane, The Rubber Duck Who Got Stuck In The Drain
The Cat’s Mat
The Not Very Good Juggler and Not Very Well Juggled Jug
Bits & Bobs
Bits & Piece
I’ll Huff & I’ll Puff & I’ll Blow Your House Down
Bric – A – Brac
The Candle That Wouldn’t Blow Out
The Elf’s Wheelbarrow
The Fed – Up Brush
Forward & Rewind
The Giant Ladder
Goof On The Roof
Grandpa’s Notebook
Three Keys
Kicking the Bucket
Knick – Knack Paddy – Wack
The Runaway Lawn Mower
The Lights Went Out
The Magic Mop
Making The Bed
Mister Broken Mixer and the Fixer
The Morning Edition and Ed the Newspaper Editor
The Most Amazing Mouse Mat
My Computer Has A Cold
The Magic Paintbrush’s Search For All the Colours of the Rainbow
Pins and Needles
Sucked Down The Bathroom Plug
The Revolving Secret Door
The Sewing Machine That Wouldn’t Stop Sewing
The Sledgehammer & The Pnuematic Drill
Spring Cleaning
Sticky Glue
The Kidnapped Toothbrush
The Vacuum Cleaner That Sucked Everything Up
The Weigh Scales From the Sales
Mr K. Lean Washing Machine
The Carpenter’s Magic Hammer
The Magic Grandfather Clock
Dolly Peg and Peggy Doll, The Pegged Out Duo
The Munching Crunching Cushion

Space & Travel
Argy – Bargy
The Brightest Star
The Bus That Lost It’s Wheel
The Buzzing Bus
Everybody’s Everything Everyday
What If the World Was Flat ?
What if Global Warming Continues ?
The Great Race
Helter – skelter
Hip – Hop, Flip Flop
Hitch – Hike
Hop – A – Long
Lost !
Mad Dash
Middle of the Road
Crazy Car Rally
A New Pair of Roller Boots
The Squirrel’s Squiddle
The Supersonic Spaceship
The Motor Car Race
The Puffed Out Steam Engine
Trigger the Bigger Digger
The Abacus Bus
Hot Air Balloon Ride
All Aboard the Number Nine Bus !
The Traffic Warden and the Traffic Ticket
The Greyhound Bus
Maths Drives Me Crazy ! & Motorway Maths Madness
The Taxes Taxi
Ricky’s Rickety Rickshaw
Thomas Trank
Viva ! Las Vegas !
Ferry Across The Mersey
Ally The Wally At The Car Rally Spelling Game
The Cheetah Who Bought A Two – Seater
The Magnificent Man In His Maths Flying Machine

In The Military – Action Man Maths !
Military Medals Admiral Add – Up In The Merchant Navy
Lieutenant Lou
The Soldier Crab Who Loved Ice – Cream Soda
Commador Comma
Reg The Regimental Sergeant Major
Brigadier Bridge
Bombadier Bump
Sergeant At Arms Long Arms
Colonel Cauliflower
Mister B. Andy Legs the Bandsman
Officer Office (Monday to Friday, The Office Coffee Break and Nine To Five)
Mister R.U. The Buggling Bugle Player
Grenadier Green’s Camouflage Game
The Legionnaire With Hairy Legs
Para – troopers
Quarter Master’s Four Store
Mission Impossible

Word Games
Dribs and Drabs “Ib” and “Ab” Games
Ever So and So – So
Look Behind You !
Mash Mish
Moodle Doodle
Pell Mell
Run of the Mill
Up and Down
Helen the Helicopter Pilot
Walter Watchmaker
Over Dover and Under the English Channel
Black Jack
That’s All
Maths In The Park
Cross – word Crossword Mania
The Poorly Number Three
Mailing An “e” By E – Mail
The Prism In Prison
Fraction Actions
Roman Numerals
Solo So – Low
Etc Etc
Alas ! At Last – A Last Look At The Word Last
Missing the Point
Up Keep and Keep Up
Trapezium Trapeze
Chocca Block
Feel Good Factor and Factor – eyes – A Pupil’s Game
Follow My Leader
The Gentleman’s Game
A List of Lists
Hallelujah !
The Wardrobe Game
My Sister’s Scissor Cut

Interesting People
Mister Eye Opener
Mister Fall Guy
Superman’s Super Quiz
Chinaman Chan Chang and the Poor Man From Singapore
Full of ‘Em In Fulham
Skating On Ice
Polo Mint Game
Goody Goody
Take A Break
Emma the Amazing Amoeba
Locomotion Notions
The Game That No – One Wants to Play Because There Is No 1
Where It’s At !
Finnegan’s Begin Again
Go Get ‘ Em !
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Flatman And Bobbin’
Mister B.A. Crackpot
Ian Within and Ian Without
Gadzooks ! Crikey ! Blimey !
The Fattest Quiz Around
Ned the Dutchman and the Greatest Ever Clog Dance
Mister Chatterbox and the Non – Stop Nattering Television
Master Blaster
Mathew Maths
Santa Claws
Good I – deas
Pa in Pakistan
Funny Phrases
Calamity Cal
Urr …

Miscellaneous Mathematics Problems
Andy and Mandy – The Pair of Pandas
The Wider Spider
The Longer Conga
The Most Scary Lost Ghost
The Orange Squash and the Orange Crush Mathematics Game
The Back to Front Racing Driver
Mr Plum The Clumsy Plumber
Helen the Helicopter Pilot
Mr K.A.K. Maker the Baker
Rick the Bricklayer
The Traffic Warden From Trafford and The Traffic Lights Quiz
Grocer Grapefruit, Grocer Artichoke and Mrs. Strawberry’s Shopping Trip
Carlo the Car Mechanic
Frankie the Cranky Bank Manager and Robert the Robber
Esmerelda the Elderly Elephant
Julie Jewel the Jeweler
Mr Len Spectacles the Optician
Barbara Barber
Mister T.V. Superstar
Master U.R. Daily the Newsboy
The Postman with the Most Post
Mrs. O. Varthegardenwall Who Lived Next Door
Mr. P. Ian. O. Plonk
Miss Behaviour, Miss Deed and Miss Chief
Madam Cap the Hat Maker
Parson Parsnip
The Not Very Good Juggler and the Not Very Well Juggled Jug
Over Dover and Under the English Channel
Walter Watchmaker
Lol the Lollipop Man
Rolf the Golfer
Mr Bandy Legs the Bandsman
Mr Taylor The Tailor
Sue the Zoo – Keeper
Andy the Handyman
Dean the Milkman With Rattling Bones and the Rattling Milk Kart
Violet the Violin Player
The Magic Doll’s House
The Racoon Tycoon
The Wart Hog, The Dog and the Frog
Scot the Potter Who Was Potty About Pots
Ray Raisins
Mary the Hairy Hare
The Cat’s Mat
Gordon the Greedy Gorilla and the Chocolate Eclairs
The Non – Stop Nattering Natterjack
Black Jack
The Pink Flamingo’s Flamenco Dance
The Stork’s Trip to York
Derek Deckchair
The Number Five From Fife
The Wheelbarrow’s Trip To Barrow
The Cluck About A Duck
Thinking Thick and Thin
Mr Snapshots the Cameraman
Officer Office
Mister R.U. The Buggling Bugle Player
Mister Bill Yards The Billiards Player
Mister Bob Sleigh The Eskimo and The Polar Bear From The North Pole
The Circle Circus
Madam Ballerina
Mister Dominic Dom Inows’ Spots
Mister Luke B. Hind The Short – Sighted Owl
Mister Jim Nastics
May The Old Maid Who Made Marmalade
Mrs Mop The Chambermaid and The Bucket of Soapy Water
Mister E. Whodunnit and the Disappearing Cake Mystery
The Higher Highwayman
Mister Jack Hydraulic
Victor the Viking
The French Restaurant Quiz
The Great Indian Take – Away
The Great Mexican Take – Away
The Great Chinese Take – Away
Snoozy The Snoozing Snooker Player
Gypsy Rose and The Rose – Smelling Spelling Spell
Bob Bobble Bon Bon
Tin Can Alley
Mister Al Wright’s Alright Left and Right & Right and Wrong Game !
D.S. Jockey
The Pick Pocket’s Pick ‘N’ Mix
Jack Frost Lost
The Magician’s Magic Maths Hat and Magic Maths Wand
The Most Toast Ever Eaten By A Ghost
Pat Zat
The Minestrone Soup Game
Mick’s New Microscope
The Gnome’s Home
The Mathematic Gardener Garden Gnome and the Magic Garden Shed
The Ocean Liner
The White Elephant
The Computer Whiz Kid
Mister D. Side
The Roadsweeper Who Polished Up His Act
Gold !
The Australian Wonga Wonga Bird
The Chancellor of the Exchequer Whose Sums Needed Checking
Paul Over and Neil Down
The Micro – Soft Mouse Who Only Wanted To Be A Macro Mouse
The Wood Pigeon In My Garden
At the Races
Camp site Maths
Out of Africa
From the Top To The Bottom
Around the World In Eighty Days
Polo Mint
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The Christmas That Santa Tried Horse – Riding

To keep warm in the ice and snow, one Christmas, Santa tried horse – riding, though sometimes he still couldn’t go ! Although Santa and Rudolph studied how horses move as they do, it was a bit difficult, to translate this into steering on a sleigh, as around the world, the crew all flew. Captain Santa Claus had never had so much bother, getting all of the reindeers to be nice to one another. They were hardly five feet of the ground, when they started fooling around.

Since Santa’s presents  were growing even more and more, Santa could hardly get through the door. So, this year, Santa wanted to be even faster than ever before … and go by horse (which turned into a disaster of course !). Santa’s gallop was more of a scallop. Rudolph slipped and slid all over the place, with Santa clinging to his neck, then zooming off into outer space ! In hte twilight, the fairy wondered if it was a tail or a moustache on Santa’s face. Moreover, when Santa finally landed in a puddle of muddle by the fence, between all twelve of them there hardly seemed to be a difference. After trying to get out of a slippy ditch, no – one could tell which end was which ! But when he wished to soar, only Rudolph’s nose became sore … He huffed and puffed, but stayed in the same place on the floor, as the weather was getting colder (the barometer already measured nearly minus four !).

Santa soon felt goofy as he tried his fastest sprints … the garden path laid a trail of his muddy hoof prints. Then BANG ! He landed in a pile of mint. The other reindeer – horses ran so quickly, Santa soon became quite sickly. In the race, their fur shone sleekly. Santa checked the map (then realised it was a Woman’s weekly !). Nor did Santa’s parade through Santatown go that well – once when Rudolph trotted off, he stumbled into a well. Gerome the gnome also fell … his head was spinning, he wondered, had it been a spell ? Everyone helped get Rudolph back on track – really hoping some nice gift or treat would fall from his sack. Regardless of whether Santa had or hadn’t really mastered the horse – riding art … he packed all the world’s presents into the horse box and set a time to depart. The countdown had begun (of course, Gerome the gnome, who’d added all the gifts to ensure there was enough was better at adding than anyone !). Better than sleigh, or even a go – kart, riding by horse was the best way to give Christmas a kick start ! (remembering that the horse didn’t need petrol, but a tart and a kick to start !).

What was needed was some tasty magic food – sprinkled with Christmas fairy icing sugar (but to ask, may have seemed rude). Mrs.Christmas agreed – abracadabra – in seconds one appeared.  Rudolph chomped into a mince pie and made sure they ALL disappeared. The voltage of a few currents was miraculous – Christmas was now surely wonderous ! After a few bites of the amazing meal, tremendous energy was all he could feel. Rudolph’s nose began to light … and then the sleigh launched off in flight, leaving Santa soon feeling A – O – K Alright ! In the paddock, outside the garden shed, the Rudolph, suddenly had amazing zeal – was it the magic mince pies (which tasted of orange peel !?). There was so much magic – it made even the Snowman squeal !

In the ice cold Winters in the outer of the outside of the North Pole, there often blows a freezing wind, that keeps the embers burn in the coal. Although if you look, you’ll see nil, Jack Frost plays icicles along every windowsill. Other than Santa’s grotto and the igloo belonging to his friend, Mo, there isn’t much to do except playing in the snow. Sometimes (just to stay in bed), Santa pretends not to hear his clock alarm – then he can spend all morning tossing and turning in the warm. He shoos Gerome the gnome of to the garden shed and make a hot lemony brew from the water bottle of whiskey that he keeps hidden underneath the bed. With a spoonful of medicine and a pill, he makes a quick recovery from his Winter chill. Jumping up and down only wrecks the floorboards, it’s true – so wrapping up snugly is the only thing left to do. Santa encourages the reindeer to do just the same – for a carrot prize, he devised a game. Naturally, before long, amongst them was a championship winner (Rudolph, who else ? was two inches thinner !). Unfortunately, in the championship cup, there was sherry – so the winning party was extra – ordinairily merry ! The gnomes cracked up, in just one sup from the cracked cup and soon, eveyone gave a first prize “hiccup ! hiccup !”. Santa pinned a red rosette on Rudolph’s furry coat … then hurried off to start delivering presents, hoping Rudolph wasn’t too worn out (there was an anthem to sing, but no – one could sing a note). The Christmas that Santa entered the Grand National race, was faster than ever before – his points were so high, no – one could score ! Santa being a jockey was really a year to remember – they played polo all December. A lucky horse shoe was his souvenir … and something warm on the ground (which Mrs. Christmas said he shouldn’t go near).

The Christmas that Santa learned to horse race, there were footprints in the snow, all over the place ! As Santa ran around the farmyard and back, there was a trail of size nines, making a Pennines track. Nine had always been Santa’s favourite number – because after nine hours sleep, he arose from slumber. When the nights became dark and grim – Santa sat by the medals polishing the medals … remembering when he (not his chances !) were slim.

Rumba ! Rumba ! Santa’s Favourite Pen – 9’s Number !

At 999, 999 mph, boy, Rudolph could go ! so (despite the snow), it was hardly a surprise that Santa won a prize called “The Best Reindeer In Reindeers”.

Devise 10 sums that all include the number 9.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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The Christmas That Gerome The Gnome Spent Hanging Around

All seriously Santa freaky folk know, that Christmas in Santaland is full of boxed up surprises, from which, when unravelled, happiness arises. This includes Mrs. Christmas’s bread bin and cake box (some say, better for storing mince tarts than old socks !). Her mince could have been used to plaster the ceiling – it stuck her apron to her skirt and made it much less revealling. Her pastry cases were like flying saucers, except they couldn’t fly usual UFO oughta. Gone were the days when her tarts crumbled and fell apart – with a lucky sixpence from the Christmas fairy’s purse, Christmas was sure to be yummy from the start. One particular Christmas when Santa really got stuck in, was the year when Mrs. Christmas decided to bake twice as many mince pies as usual … and everyone began to tuck in ! Gerome the gnome, however, could hardly wait for all the cookin’ ! He pinched one steaming on the table, just as the custard got creaming and was beginning to melt the ladle. Even without a scoop, the mince pie was so hot, Gerome looped – de – loop ! waking every single pigeon in the chicken coop ! (whether they were asleep or not !). Santa was only meant to be pinning the advent calendar on the wall, but he knocked the hammer so hard, that a hole appeared into the hall. Through the side of the kitchen fridge, he could see three rashers of bacon and a lump of lard. Gerome the gnome was holding the ladder secure – soon wondering what all the commotion was for. As the cement began to further crumble, from off the step ladders, Santa took a tumble. His eyesight was so poor, he wasn’t sure if he was hammering the war, the ceiling or the floor ! But Santa continued hammering regardlessly … making five holes, where there should have been three. After just one afternoon, Santa had clearly displaced a knife, fork and spoon. His favourite elf (quite a scholar), was found nailed to the bookshelf (by his collar !). No wonder studies were becoming rather tough – the elf spent two lessons trying to reach a book twice as big as himself ! Loosely – speaking, the busiest elves, had to be loosened themselves. So Mrs. Christmas came up with an idea – to use some of her cake mixture (saying it would last probably until next year !). With all the icing sugar Mrs. Christmas used, none of the light switches worked and two of the bulbs fused. Soon, Santa’s decorations were strung together like a kebab – as Gerome the Gnome moved sideways around the grotto looking like a crab ! Santa’s diary showed clearly how tied up they all were … but no – one expected to be tied up in cardboard, glue, wood, nails, paper and string ! As Gerome the gnome tried to get untrapped, the shelf flapped and Santa’s patience finally snapped. Gerome tottered next to the crockery … then smashed a piece of Mrs. Christmas’s pottery (he called for help from the elf fishing in the rockery). Gerome the gnome had always wanted to be on the best seat at the table – this year, getting up to do the washing up, was something he was unable. Santa thought they’d be better with cable ! Being nailed to the settee did have advantages (if you liked the film on channel three !). Because Christmas Eve was stuck to Boxing Day, there was even less time for Santa to get away – it was the quickest holiday ever spent (though the landlord didn’t expect any less rent !). © Jacqueline Richards 2009

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The Christmas That Supper Gate – Crashed

On his regular tour of Santaland, Santa’s robin sometimes didn’t land at all – in fact, he was happiest two thousand feet above the ground, where he could only just see the garden wall. There often isn’t time to stop – as one by one the presents drop and drop. One particularly memorable Christmas, Santa huffed and puffed with all his might, as the sleigh swerved around the corner, quickly in mid flight. The reindeers floated their way through clouds that seemed to be made of double cream – with sugar coated raindrops : a robin’s greatest dream ! The sleigh knew the way all by itself – guided to a landing by candles put out by the elf. The garden path made an excellent flight path … but no – one said anything about a bird bath ! Back in the grotto, Santa usually kept his parrot in a golden cage, by the television, where it spent hours learning the lyrics to all the programmes – three feet taller than the fireplace, tapping his two feet .. until one Christmas the parrot decided that it would like a race and quickly worked up a heat. Being magical, it didn’t take too many flaps for them to be zooming off into outer space. As they headed off over hills towards the horizon, they spent so long watching the weather, no one noticed that each parrot dropped a feather (must have been travelling at quite a pace !). Santa’s parrot had always marvelled at the crows. They too admired the parrot’s colourful feathers – just like sleigh’s packages – each present adorned in bows. Whilst shake, rattle and roll was being played on the stereo, everyone headed off in a rush – soon to be covered in snowy slush. All the gnomes cheered – who would be quickest around the grotto – how fast ? how slow ? how high ? how low ? No wonder Rudolph’s nose was beginning to glow ! Needless to say, amidst all of this admiring, no one saw the Christmas tree decorations – and they all crashed into the wiring ! It really should have been the altitude about which they were so inquiring. Outside, in even more of a spin, Jupiter closer and closer loomed. Then a quick left and towards Mars the sleigh zoomed. Although Santa’s parrot tried to duck, in a fir branch he quickly got stuck (right above the gift wrapped truck). Baubles splattered everywhere, most of the pine needles landed on the chair ! A few underneath the table, even more outside in the reindeers’ stable. That evening, when Santa sat down to eat … three stuck neat in his feet ! As tinsel glittered, the room became littered. When the parrot crashed into her mince pies, she became even more embittered. The parrot didn’t mean to be so rude, when into the Christmas fairy he accidentally cruised, leaving her head spinning and her elbow bruised. If only the parrot had been a little more clairvoyant, to see danger coming, then the tree wouldn’t haven’t been so bouyant. But when asked, what his ideal gift would be, a sleigh ride with Santa was the parrrot’s greatest wish – number one, then, PAZAZZ !, the wish was done. So the same problem didn’t happen again, the following year, Santa gave the parrot an aeroplane. © Jacqueline Richards 2009

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Santa’s Trip To The *** Jeweler’s Shop

In Santaland, where Winters are often cold and dull, jewels are very much needed, to make celebrations wonderful. One particularly sparkling Christmas, Santa was enjoying spending his time flying over *** jewelers, when he heard the town hall clock chime. He was getting late – to get all the way around the world, he would have to quickly accelerate. Naturally, at *** jewelery shop, there was eveything size shape, sort of present indeed. To make sure that Christmas succeeded, a visit to *** was what was really needed ! Rudolph piled expensive presents so high on his sleigh, that soon it wouldn’t move and they couldn’t fly away. Even the police couldn’t get the wheels to budge (probably because they were scoffing rather a large box of fudge !). Santa always knows how to save the day – giving the sleigh a hefty boot so forwards and backwards it did sway. When Santa’s sleigh crashes, lightening flashes – Santa heads off over the rooftops, in his usual kind of dashes. At Midnight, high above ***, the temperature dropped to minus ten – Gerome the gnome dropped a bagful (and had to pick them up again !). Santa’s trip to the *** jewelry shop is one of his favourite indeed – there are gems of every type that a Christmas fairy could ever possibly need. Although she was only three inches tall, her diamond studded dress meant she could be seen clearly from the other side of the hall. The gnomes, of course, loved emeralds in shiny green – their party hats were the most glittering that had ever been. But Funky Fred (a friendly fellow), preferred a precious stone that was yellow. Ethelred (the blushing gnome), like rubies which he hid all around his home. Santa too loved rubies, red and diamond white – to suit his suit and make thier journey well lit, at night. He confused the amber jewels with a traffic light ! Gerome the gnome said blue ones were best – he kept a handful of shiny saphirres in the pocket of his vest. When he sneezed, he had to take care, to make sure his Christmas present from *** wasn’t splattered everywhere ! He said, in limerick “thank you”, as they flew, “These are the most perfect jewels that he ever knew !”. After many years of flying by the light of the Moon, Rudolph agreed moonstone would match his fur coat nicely – he sang about it in a tune as he headed off nightly. To the end of the rainbow and back, Santa kept all the gnomes on track (there was even another precious stone in jet black !). The year that Santa visited the *** jewelry shop, was rather special (with gold and silver medallions made out of precious metal). Mrs. Christmas had an idea – to wrap a jewel in each cracker – like a string of pearls, what a smacker ! One might get lost in Santa’s beard, she feared. So she tied a label with the name of each gnome, making sure the cards didn’t get dog – eared. The string of topaz and opal precious stones were Santa’s delight – he could see them sparkle through the grotto window, as he landed from mid – flight.

 © Jacqueline Richards 2009

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The Year That Rudolph Needed A *** Crane To Help His Christmas Strain

Have you ever wondered how Santa managed to be so high ? The answer is simply, by magic sleigh, though there are a million and one other ways to fly through the sky.

One particular Christmas (around mid – 1950, I think) the sleigh wasn’t at all that shifty … nor was Rudolph that nifty, after three million glasses of shery to drink.

When Santa paused at the traffic lights he became rather fascinated by the stars, (which strongly resembled Christmas tree lights) – so he knew he was on course for Mars.

Of course everyone knows that in snow is not the best place to stop. Rightly so. When Santa tried to set off again, he found his sleigh was driving rather slow. The evening shade was getting dimmer and Santa after one thousand and one Christmas dinners, no slimmer. Despite twisting and turning, Christmas dancing was something Santa was still learning. He only wished they’d had breakfast that morning ! Other than the snowman, Rudolph was coldest of all  – his teeth chattered so much, Mrs. Chrismtas thought it was the letterbox opening in the hall !

After a minute or two, stuck in one spot, around the sleigh, the snow rose two inches higher – Santa called to Gerome to see if he had a shovel or not. Although everyone digged as fast as they could, the snow kept on falling faster … even a tractor was no good in the mud. In such a storm, they would never make it to the other side of the everglade wood.

The Christmas fairy wondered if the rope they used to tie up the presents on the sleigh was tight enough to take the strain. Perhaps, even better they could find a crane. Would they ever catch up (it was already 24th December) … surely this Christmas would be one to remember ! The fairy pulled and Gerome the gnome gave a push – this was so unlucky, on the night that they needed to rush ! So many shoves, he was glad he’d brought his gloves ! But still the sleigh wouldn’t move, stuck in a groove, he could just see the chimney on top of the roof. Settling down for the evening by the camp fire, Santa handed Rudolph a carrot and tied his collar to a fence made from wire. The explorers were just settling down rolling over in a make shift bed, when in roared an enormous vehicle, leaving a cloud of dust overhead, ahead. “At last ! Rescue !” (they were in luck), Santa exclaimed in glee … now they’d get a ride instead (Santa hoped for free no fee !).

As their spirits started to lift, inch by inch, the sleigh started to shift. He raised a glass of sherry in good cheer “Merry Christmas everyone !”, then he quickly realised, he was on the run. The crane had caught Santa in his britches … as well as one or two parcels filled with seasonal riches. Twenty feet off the ground, the entire sleigh started to spin around. In Santa’s pocket was a small hole, well, a needle and thread aren’t easy to find in the North Pole. There really was no other Christmas to match it – out fell a gold coin … and everyone tried to catch it. Although Santa was fortunate to to be pulled out of this sticky patch … what the gnomes loved best was a championship *** cricket match.Rudolph held on as hard as he could, as the *** crane moved over the hill, it gave them all a nudge !

How could Santa let his memory slip ! If only Santa had remembered to order a *** skip ! (then he could have easily stored all his presents in one – but using the *** crane to deliver presents was really so much fun.

© Jacqueline Richards 2009

*** insert company name

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The Christmas That Santa Got A New Make Up Set

The Christmas that Santa got a new *** make up set was one of the most colourful that there had ever been. Christmas was now so multi – coloured, Christmas was in blue, purple, red as well as in red and green ! The Christmas cards had never been so bright – there was a different colour, in every fairy light ! Even the stars seemed to flash brighter when they shone at night. They mesmerised the robin alright ! so he flew clear out of sight.

“Great !”, said Santa as he opened up the pack – not realising that really it was intended for the Christmas Fairy, accidentally falling out of his knapsack. He unwrapped it rather quick and fell completely in love with the shades of *** lipstick ! Santa got started straight away – soon, everything was a different colour everyday !

With the *** mascara, Santa painted the sleigh tyres grey (he didn’t much like the colour of his muddy tyres anyway !). The green trees were soon pink. Thinking it was milkshake, I dare think ! even the cat had multi – coloured whiskers, when he went to take a drink ! Once Santa received a *** make – up gift, there was never again a need to paint or decorate – only open the beautiful display of __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ which was great ! One of Santa’s multi – coloured mistletoe kisses once missed, he slipped and kissed the Gerome the gnome’s missus ! With the *** powder, Santa and Gerome the gnome made a snowman … which when melted, of course, painted the watering can ! The icicles on Gerome the gnome’s garden shed, soon became cold water particles, instead. The snowflakes sprinkled, were in brown, yellow and red and left a masterpiece, in the flowerbed ! With the *** blusher, rather than muddy, the robin turned ruddy, all because someone bought a *** make – up kit for his Christmas buddy. With the *** eyeliner Santa wrote, the name of *** on a piece of paper and put it in the pocket of his Winter coat. When, over Santaland, he started to sneeze, out dropped the paper and flew away in the breeze … the piece of paper on which the name *** was clearly spelt, became quite magic (though Santa had difficulty keeping it underneath his belt). Santa made the magic piece of paper into a Christmas card, which he posted all over the world. The world soon heard of the brilliant Good news, about the *** make – up set, in all different coloured hues.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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__ __ __ fill in the gaps with *** make – up kit features and selling points

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The Hungry Dog Who Got The Hots About A Hotdog

All the hungry hot dog wanted to be was a cool cat – with anything but sausages for tea …
Until he tried a *** hotdog, that is … (between you and me … !).
After that, he was in culinairy bliss …
Eating every *** hot dog that he could see.
Mustard or custard, to switch didn’t matter which,
Every time the hungry hot dog got the hots for a hotdog,
It was either his fleas, or he got a terrible itch !
Short or long, *** hotdogs on a roll were his delight …
The hungry hotdog had such an enormous appetite,
Sometimes he didn’t even wait to unwrap the serviette, before he took a bite !
The hungry hot dog licked his lips (to make sure no relish was wasted on his chips),
Even the onions tasted nice in dips.
Oh crumbs ! Here the hot dog comes ! With a terrible case of *** yum – yums !
A single can of *** hotdogs satisfied him and all his chums !
When the hungry hog saw a *** hotdog,
His belly started to rumble, his knees fell weak and he felt he’d crumble.
He jumped up and down so much, even his fleas took a *** hotdog tumble !
Just the aroma of *** hotdogs cooking,
Makes his mouth water, without even looking.
Before long, of course, he’s eaten them all,
With or without *** sauce ! (doesn’t matter at all !).
So nowadays when the hungry hot dog reaches into the burger van,
It’s only to give the *** hotdog man a ketchup kiss – but even then, as often as he can !

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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