Eddy the Teddy’s New Pair of Roller Boots


Eddy the Teddy’s new roller boots were ideal for getting into work on time … and for getting through rush hour traffic on the way home again. Eddy the Teddy was so fast in his new roller boots that you could hardly see him for dust ! It seemed that nothing could stop Eddy the Teddy. He sped through traffic lights (even though they were on red at the time) and flew over bridges … uphill slowly and downhill even faster. Although Eddy the Teddy’s roller boots were shiny and new, the wheels on Eddy the Teddy’s new roller boots were creaking, old and desperately in need of oil. He had forgotten to take them in during the last rainstorm and they had quickly become tarnished. Everytime he tried to glide into action – they cranked and cranked. He squeezed his foot into the boot and tied up the laces. Unlike usual, the rusty bearings did not roll into action, but left a trail of smoke behind him and off Eddy the Teddy sped … skimming the edge of the pavement. The roller boots’ wheels whirred as he whizzed down the street. When he turned the corner, circling a figure eight, Eddy the Teddy’s new roller boots squeaked and creaked and Eddy the Teddy crashed into a wall. He pirouetted and danced a spectacular stunt – a forwards spin – so fast that a screw came loose from his roller boots. He jumped a double back flip then flopped and fell flat. He tripped on one of the laces, which had become undone and toppled over. “Ouch !”, he cried in pain knocking his knees and bruising his bottom. One of the wheels slipped off, rocketing off into the road and Eddy the Teddy rolled to the ground. A small pebble got stuck in his wheel and caused Eddy the Teddy’s ride to become a very bumpy one. He jolted, trying to slam on the brakes – and Eddy the Teddy fell head over heels. The new roller boots quickly became scuffed, lost their shine and were soon dusty with dirt. Before long, a wheel had come off Eddy the Teddy’s new roller boots and Eddy the Teddy went flying through the air. He landed with a bump on the pavement. Eddy the Teddy’s new roller boots hardly looked new at all !

target.jpg Ready Teddy Go !

Skate Eddy the Teddy across the pebbles to the other side of the road.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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