Felix’s Feeling Feelers


Felix’s feeling feelers felt everywhere and everything …as soon as Felix wormed out of bed in the morning, he stretched his feeling feelers and wriggled his feeling toes. If Felix’s feeling feelers felt cold, Felix shivered his feeling feelers to get them warm again. If Felix’s feeling feelers felt hot, Felix sweat in the midday sun. Felix’s feeeling feelers were quite emotional as well. They smiled when he laughed at one of his mate’s jokes … and cried when he was sad. Felix’s feeling feelers wafted around in the wind. And froze when the weather turned icy. Felix’s feeling feelers helped Felix cook the breakfast … and wash up again afterwards. Felix could use his feeling feelers to scratch his ear and and brush his teeth … and wash … and comb his hair. Felix’s feeling feelers fastened the buttons on his shirt and zipped up his trousers. His feeling feelers were so hairy that Felix could use his feeling feelers to sweep the floor and dust the fireplace. Felix’s feeling feelers fumbled in the dark to switch the light on … and glistened when the sun shone. Felix’s feeling feelers could hold a pen to write a letter and a paintbrush to paint a picture. But although they were feeling, Felix’s feeling feelers had no sense of direction … he was always getting his feelers in a muddle. When he looked right, his feeling feelers went right … when he span around, his feeling feelers span in the opposite direction. Felix’s feeling feelers went the wrong way around the roundabout when he was cycling on his bicycle and did not stop at the traffic lights. Eventually Felix’s feeling feelers ended up in knots … tied around Felix’s neck. No wonder that Felix didn’t know which way to turn – when all his feeling feelers kept him completely tied up.


Felix’s X Game

X words aren’t very common – so it should be easy to add an X in these word to complete them

e * tra – ordinairy

e * haust

e * hale

e * pire

e * it

e * ist

e * odus

e * otic

How many more words can you think of that include the letter “X” ?


F – F – F

The letter “F” is one example of a letter that (even in itself) makes the same sound as a syllable – or part of a word. How many words can you think of that begin with the letters E – F – F ? Example – effervescent.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : extra – ordinairy ; exhaust ; exhale ; expire ; exit ; exist ; exodus ; exotic


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