Good King Wenceslas



Good King Wenceslas last looked out, on the feast on Stevens. But the night was so dark and black, the temperature uneven. The bleak and stormy weather so bad that Good King Wenceslas shivered – he quivered so much his crown fell off, landed in the snow and got lost. As his crown clattered to the ground, he saw something twinkle and roll – OOPS ! it seemed he had lost a ruby and a diamond fell into a hole. Just when things seemed really bad and things could get no better, things started to get even worse – as Good King Wenceslas became a crown – hunting trend – setter. Good King Wenceslas had forgotten his glasses – his first pair had been broken on a chimney pot. No wonder he was left looking out – so through the letterbox, he gave a shout – “Can anyone help me find my crown ?!” … he called round the town. Good King Wenceslas searched in the snowflakes – but nothing was there – or if it was, he certainly couldn’t see a lot. Good King Wenceslas last looked out, but couldn’t see very much at all … he squinted quite a bit, but still couldn’t find his crown – he tripped and bumped into a wall. All of this losing crowns and crown hunting left Good King Wenceslas in a real tizzy, feeling dizzy. He asked his friends to help out if they could … but everyone was busy. The three wise men were map – reading in preparation for their winter trip and Mary and Joseph were decorating the baby room and knitting blankets for the manger. The angels shone their angelic lights and got the North star to twinkle. Even though the lights were bright, he still couldn’t find his crown and his eyes simply started to wrinkle. The lights only dazzled the King and he still couldn’t see his crown. Good King Wenceslas bought a pair of binoculars, to help him find his crown, but, although he polished them as hard as he could, everything still seemed a bit fuzzy. Good King Wenceslas tripped over a stone and his new binoculars broke. He was back to where he started once more – looking through windows and looking through doors. He looked down on the ground, around and around – and still his crown was nowhere to be found. Good King Wenscleless last looked out, on Sunday … and he kept on looking all week … by the following Wednesday, he still hadn’t found his crown. As the day turned to night, his search was a plight. As he looked out some more, through dirty windows, he couldn’t see the Moon outside, the door, nor even the floor. Good King Wenceslas kept looking out, but he couldn’t see a thing. Under the trees and behind the shed – but still no crown that had fallen from his head. He even looked under the bed. He wrote a list of places to look – and put them one by one in a little black book … the corner shop, the bridge, the bus and the bus – stop, not forgetting the park and the zoo. But everywhere was white all over and still covered in snow, too. It was only when the snow melted that he could start to see the ground again and “HEY PRESTO !” – there was his crown, shining bright on the ground. So now you know what Good King Wenceslas was looking out for, when he last looked out.

Good King Wenceslas Quiz

1. In the film, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, when Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays Jake Wilkinson, Jake’s dad wants his whole family home for Christmas, so much so that he bribes Jake into coming home for college with the gift of what ?
2. In the carol, “Hark the herald angels sing” what rises “joyful” ?
3. Which carol was originally entitled in Latin “Adeste Fideles”
4. Who wrote the novel “The Christmas Carol” ?
5. According to the lyrics of “Once in Royal Davids City” And His shelter was what ?
6. Unlike common folklore, the original Saint Nicholas, used to hand out gifts to children and the needy, clad in red and white bishop’s robes and riding which animal ?
7. “Offspring of” … what in the carol, “Hark the herald angels sing”?
8. Who wrote the words to the carol, “Hark the herald angels sing” in 1739 ?

9. In “Once in Royal Davids City”, “He came down to earth from” where ?

10. In 1841, which member of the royal family made the Christmas tree tradition popular ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers :
1. a 1957 Porsche
2. nations
3. O Come All Ye Faithful
4. Charles Dickens
5. a stable
6. A donkey
7. The virgin’s womb
8. Charles Wesley, brother of John Wesley founder of the Methodist church
9. heaven
10. Prince Albert – which had been a traditional part of German Christmases since the 8th century


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