Life On The Planet Zorg


Life on the Planet Zorg is completely topsy – turvy and upside – down. There is no time on the Planet Zorg – the day starts at night and the morning at midnight, so it’s not surprising that life on the Planet Zorg goes around the wrong way in an utterly roundabout way since the Planet Zorg goes around the wrong way sometimes, too. People live in craters in the Planet Zorg and drive moon buggies. They sleep in beds made of cream cheese and they don’t even have to get out of bed to eat breakfast. There is lots of plant life on the Planet Zorg – the flowers are star – shaped and grow in multi – colours … downwards instead of up. The people who visit the Planet Zorg arrive by satellite at the airport and sometimes even crash land on cream crackers in clouds of crumbly moondust. There are lots of interesting places to visit on the Planet Zorg … the museum of satellites and lots of different launch pads to every other planet in the universe. The favourite pastime of people on the Planet Zorg is star – gazing – what else ? Every three hundred light years, the Planet Zorg holds Olympic competitions where the aliens throw netballs into the hole in the ozone and spin discs off into the galaxy. They play planet jigsaws and join up milky way dot – to – dot matching the stars to the moons. They use meteorites as shuttlecocks and play badminton over Saturn’s rings as a net. The astro radio airways are filled with rocket sounds and music to moon dance to. There are flying compact discs everywhere.

Life on Planet Zorg Activities

monster2.jpg 1. In the Olympic competition held on Planet Zorg, 500 Astro mice entered the athletics 5 different competitions. 2% won each race – how many is that in all races ?

monster2.jpg 2. Each of the 5 satellites carried 5% of the 500 Astro mice – how many is that ?

monster2.jpg 3. Planet Zorg only held athletic competitions every 300 ligt years – in a billion years, how many is that ?

monster2.jpg 4. Each crater holds 5 000 cheese crumbs and on Planet Zorg there were 550 craters. How many cheese crumbs is that ?

monster2.jpg 5. The Astro mice beat the aliens at badminton in a ratio of 2 : 1. They played 21 games. How many games did each team win ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers :

1 . 500/ 5 = 100 mice per race x 2 = 2 x 5 = 10

2. 500 x 5 x 5 = 125

3. 1 000 000 000 / 300 = 33, 333.333

4. 5 000 x 550 = 2, 750, 000

5. 21 / 3 = 14 : 7 (Astro mice : aliens)


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