Shilly Shally, The Slow, Creepy Snail


Shilly shally was a slow, creepy snail – all he wanted was speed – but he got stuck in the weeds.
Shilly shally was in a dally – he was so slow, he felt like a wally.
He tried to be fit and ever so fast – but as he looked around, everything else went past.
Whenever Shilly shally wanted a blast, he huffed and he puffed but couldn’t sum up the gas.
Shilly shally was so slow that even slugs seemed to have a quicker flow.
Shilly shally was never in a hurry. If he was late, he never seemed to worry. He creeped and he crawled and dawdled through life – always at a snail’s pace. Wherever he was going, he landed at the wrong place. Shilly shally never seemed to rush – even when everything else around him was quickly going “whoosh !”. Plodding along, singing his song – Shilly shally’s feet slowly started to pong. Shilly Shally was so slow, the caterpillars passed him on the blades of grass below. He was so slow that one time he almost stopped … in the supermarket, he was always last in the queue and everyone else went past him as shoppers often do.


Shilly Shally’s Slow & Creepy Snail Trail

Shilly Shally, the slow, creepy snail ate a few of these letters from the cauliflower patch as he crawled along – Which is the correct suffix or prefix to use in each of these words, phrases and sentences ? ILLY ? Or ALLY ?



Shilly Shally’s Slow & Creepy Mathematics Snail Trail

Which snail would get there quicker, if the cauliflower patch was 500 metres away … and the speed in metres per hour is given on the trail. Write the speed per hour of each snail as a mathematical equation. Example : If a snail travelled at 2 mm ph, 500 / 2 = 250 hours.

……..13…..17…..45…..67…..90…..8…..87…..34…..78…..23…..6…..72…..21…..56…..89…..103…..56…..79…..9…..67…..89…..91…..43…..22.. 500

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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