Television On The Planet Zorg


Television on the Planet Zorg starts at three minutes past light years and goes on round the Planet clock in orbit. The television was really the windscreen of an old rocket – the television buttons looked like the control panel in the cockpit – the aerial stuck up like alien antennae. There were so many buttons that when one of the astro mice scurried past and accidentally trod on a red light, the television launched off into outer space. The radar signalled electricity three hundred light years to all the other planets telling them to turn on their TV screens because Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon was due to be screened. Just before the News at Ten light years, there were lots of advertisements for the latest brand of cream cheese … and where to find cream crackers with 10% added crumbs for great astro mice picnics. The television channels on the Planet Zorg swapped over every time there was an eclipse of the Sun and back again every time there was an eclipse of the moon. There were also cartoons … Bugs Bunny Astro Mice and Tom and Jerry Astro Mice – always great favourites with the baby astro mice.

ca422bd8.jpg Television Mathematics Game

1. There are 56 channels on every Zorgian television and there are 345 televisions on Planet Zorg. How many TV channels is that in total ?

2. The channels change every 3 minutes. In a Zorgian day, there are 45 hours in every day and 45 minutes in every hour. How many times do the channels change in a Zorgian day ? Give your answer in hours and minutes.

3. The Astro Mice’s favourite show – Tom and Jerry – is televised once a week – exactly half way through the week – at what time is that ?

4. There were 29, 798, 592 crumbs dropped by the Astro mice. Each cracker dropped 4 crumbs – how many crackers were there in total ?

5. If there was a 10% increase in the crumbs from the Astro crackers – how many new crumbs were there in total ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers :
Question 1 : 56 x 345 = 19, 320
Question 2 : 45 x 45 / 3 = 2025 / 3 = 675 times per day
Question 3 : First work out – how many minutes there are in one day then a week : 45 x 45 x 7 = 14, 175 / 2 = 7087.5 minutes into the week which is the same as 157.5 hours into the week (7087.5 /45) which is the same as 12 o’ clock on Wednesday (157.5 / 7)
Question 4 : 29, 798, 592 / 4 = 7, 449, 648 crackers
Question 5 : 29, 798, 592 x 10 = 2, 979, 859.2 new crumbs


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