The Astro Police


The Astro Police drive moon buggies. When astro mice telephone 999 calls, the astro police quickly get to the scene of the crime because there is no gravity on the Planet Zorg. There are always lots of cheese thefts because the astro mice are often hungry and hunt for cheese crumbs to nibble. Bank robbers hold – up the mozarella banks with cheese slices and cut up the loot into kilogrammes. The Astro Police speak a special kind of Zorgian code … that aliens from outer space cannot understand. The Astro Police wear astro uniforms and wear space helmets with radar to communicate with each other. The Astro Police have truncheons that really are wooden spoons … which come in very useful for catching burglars at night, out stealing the stars and causing a universal public nuisance throwing meteorites at the planets in the universe. The Astro Police on the Planet Zorg get awarded astro medals for bravery in the face of aliens.

Astro Police Activity

1. Not all of the 500 Astro Mice on the Planet Zorg drove a moon buggy – they had to share. Five Astro mice fit inside each one and only every fourth Astro Mouse had a moon buggy. How many trips did it take to carry all the mice across the Planet Zorg ? Work this out as a mathematical equation.

2. Each Astro mouse stole 3 grams of cheese each week. In a year, in kilograms, how much cheese did they steal ?

3. 7 meteorites landed on the Planet Zorg every day … In a Zorgian light year (the equivalent of 15.5 Earth years) – how many meteorites landed ?

4. Astro police arrested 80 % of the Astro mice for stealing cheese – numerically, how many mice is that ?

5. When the aliens landed, there were five times as many as Astro mice – 20 fell into a crater, 30 flew off into outer space, 25 were killed – how many were left ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers :
1. 500 / 4 / 5 = 25
2. 3 x 500 x 52 = 78, 000 g = 78 kg
3. First work out the number of Zorgian days (i.e. 364 x 15.5 = 5, 642) x 7 = 39, 494
4. 500 / 100 x 80 = 400
5. (500 x 5) – (20 + 30 +25) = 2 500 – 75 = 2, 425


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