The Crocodile’s Trip To The Dentist


The Crocodile had toothache – it had been annoying him all week. No amount of paracetamol could stop him making an incredibly loud, shreek with an “EEK !”. He had been chewing a fish … a rather tough one at that, when suddenly he heard a “CRUNCH !” and felt something in his mouth go “CRACK !”. It must have been a pirhana bone, maybe a nut or even a stone. At first he tried some cotton wool, to try and dullen the pain. It worked for a while, but as soon as he smiled, his toothache started again. A spoonful of medicine may help, perhaps, but when he tried to open the bottle, he got in a crocodile flap. Some pills and some potions and all kinds of lotions, is perhaps what he really needed, in fact. But actually when the crocodile started to chat, his filling fell out, right onto the mat. The crocodile made an appointment for the dentist – around about half past three, they said. But the crocodile was late of course, since he’d been poorly in bed with a sore head instead. When he got there, he sat on the chair. His toothache was so bad, he was pulling out his hair. “Open your jaws nice and wide”, the dentist said, as he looked inside. “Pass me a hammer”, the dentist called to the nurse, “Before this toothache gets any worse !”. The crocodile’s trip to the dentist hadn’t been as much a success as he had hoped. In fact, the only thing that got his sore tooth to come out, was pulling like a tug of war with rope. In the dentist’s reception, the telephone rang. The doctor went to answer it, leaving the crocodile with a pang still in his fang. He soon came back, however, giving the crocodile’s jaw another bang. Another tooth went “CLANG !”. With his mirror, the dentist could see the crocodile’s tonsils, they looked rather red and sore. Reassuring the crocodile it wouldn’t hurt anymore, the dentist gave a big tug and a front tooth fell onto the floor. An electric shock caused the croc’s jaw to lock. He felt like he’d hit his head onhis crocodile rock. A horrible pain hurt the crocodile again. With all his might, the crocodile’s jaws slammed tight, giving the dentist quite a fright. The dentist jumped up, hitting his head on the light. Trying not to hit him, as the crocodile bit him, the dentist started to hurt as well – his cheek was bruised and his nose suddenly started to swell. As the crocodile’s gums started to throb, he suggested to the dentist he should find another job. Perhaps employment in the construction industry would be much better – or even a job delivering letters.


TIST + TIS + IST Spelling Game

Some of the Crocodile’s TIST teeth fell out – can you help the dentist to put them back into these words again to make them complete ? Answers : dentist; tissue ; hepatitis

DEN + _____ =

_____ + SUE =

HEPATI + _____ =

OPTOMETR + _____ =

M + _____ =

L + _____ =

F + _____ =

_____ + SUE PAPER =

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : dentist ; tissue; hepatitis ; optometrist ; mist ; list ; fist ; tissue paper


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