The Deer With Big Ideas


The deer had big ideas … he always wanted to be a scientist or an inventor … so he came up with some novel suggestions. First he thought he would create something that would stop people ever having to do all the washing up … then a broom that would sweep the floor all by itself. An iron that would leave the clothes pressed and in the wardrobe without ever having to do very much. A lawnmower that would mow the lawn just by switching it on. The next idea the deer had would be to invent an automatic car that the wheels would never come off … or if they did they would replace themselves automatically. The deer pondered on the matter a little while … what would be most useful to a deer ? The biggest idea that the deer with big ideas had were always the tastiest that big ideas can be … the biggest lollipop idea went down a treat, at the biggest party thrown in the street. A tree whose leaves never went brown or fell off … with an inexhaustible supply of apples. Fences that would open and close again at the click of a hoof … or a nice warm stable with warm hay that never got wet. By now the deer was really thinking big … he was thinking so big that he thought his brain was about to explode. His mind was a twaddle … and his brainstorm so stormy that there were lightening flashes in his eyes and thunder roaring in his ears. The deer had such big ideas that he couldn’t measure them with a ruler. His ideas were a mile long and two miles high … his ideas were so high he could almost reach the sky with them. His big ideas touched the tops of trees and peeped through the clouds … they simply grew … and grew … and grew.

Colour in the picture.

hot-air-ballloon.jpg Activity – Comprehension

What big idea did the deer have ?

What did the deer think that he would do ?

Name three things that the deer invented.

What happened when the deer invented a lollipop ?

What was special about the tree that the deer invented ?

How big were the deer’s big invention ideas ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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