The Magic Christmas Star


In the North Pole, this Christmas wasn’t turning out to be so merry, after all. In the electricty plant, near Santa’s grotto, there had been a power cut. A screw had come loose and the whole of Christmas land was pluged into darkness. One minute, there were sleigh bells ringing, the next – complete silence. The gnomes must have used so much energy – constantly plugging in their electric drill and hammering till way past midnight – not to mention Mrs Christmas baking all those cakes and mince pies in the oven non – stop throughout November that the electricity metre had broken. Perhaps the millions of fairy lights was the cause of the problem, or the heater, that had been keeping the gnomes warm in the toy workshop. Certainly, Mrs Christmas’s washing machine hadn’t had a break in the approach to the festive season, cleaning Father Christmas’s red and white suit and ironing all the gnomes socks. It was either that or Father Christmas couldn’t afford to pay his electricity this year – hardly surprising since there were twice as many chilren in the world and therefore twice as many toys to manufacture. Maybe Mrs Christmas had forgotten to go to the shop – or the cheque had been lost in the post. Father Christmas was just about to charge up his batteries and polish his magic sleigh in preparation for Christmas Eve, to take all the presents that he had been designing during the previous twelve months to the children of the world. He had already filled up with deisel, but when he switched on the headlamps, nothing happened. Not even a spark. No flicker. No sound of engines running, even less of sleigh bells ringing. He called to Mrs Christmas to check that the switch was turned on. Still nothing happened. One of the elves brought out a generator from the garden shed, but it was rusty, dusty and didn’t work. Another brought a candle – but every time Father Christmas sneezed (he was fast developing flu from the cold), he blew the candle out. A reindeer had a bright idea – to polish Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’s red nose so much that it would light up Lapland. But when Rudolph was taking a nap, all the lights went out, leaving the grotto was once more in pitch darkness. In the dark, fumbling Father Christmas, fell over the Christmas presents, wrapped and lying underneath the tree, which made the twinkling baubles spin and the tinsel glitter, sprinkling moondust everywhere ! A magic fairy, who had been lazily perched for hours on top of the fir branches, snoozing, tumbled to the ground. “OUCH !”, she cried as she landed on a fir cone, “Watch me new diamond crown !”. Her magic wand flew through the air like a shooting comet across a midnight sky. This gave Father Christmas a flash of inspiration. Whilst Mrs Christmas went into the attic to fetch down his telescope, Father Christmas quickly went to bring his astrology book from off the shelf. Doing his homework, he flicked through the pages A to Z searching for S … M – moons, N – night, O – ozone, P – Pluto … until he reached S for “STARS”. Father Christmas flung open the curtains in the grotto – “HEY PRESTO !” – there it was … the magic Christmas star, shining bright just like it had done for the last two thousand years since the time when it had lead the Three Kings to Bethlehem and the birthplace of baby Jesus. Brighter than every other star in the universe – shining down on all the planets. Suddenly the whole of Christmas land was bright as day. The magic Christmas star made this Christmas the most special one that had ever been. It’s magic lit the candles in the hallway and made the fairy lights on the Christmas tree glisten. It was so magic that not only did it light the map that Father Christmas used to find the South Pole, but it lead Father Christmas to every house in the neighbourhood. The magic Christmas star was so magic that it also made every Christmas wish come true – a train set for me and a new doll for you.

gift2.jpg Electricity Cut Spelling Activity

When the gnomes accidentally switched off the electricity, they switched out the bulbs in some of these light words, sentences and phrases. Add either “STAR”, “LIGHT”, “POWER” or “BULB” by filling in the gaps – do you know what all the new words mean ? Write a brief definition in the spaces provided.

_____ + ed

_____ + fish

_____ + – house

_____ + ful

_____ + ship

_____ + keeper

_____ + lessness

_____ + ch

_____ + point

_____ + er

_____ + gaze

_____ + house

_____ + ening

_____ + spangled

tulip + _____

in one’s _____

_____ + en

_____ + station

make + _____ + of

in + _____

_____ + wings

bring to + _____

_____ + ly

_____ + year

_____ + let

_____ + infantry

_____ + s and Stripes

_____ + fingered

_____ + ry eyed

_____ + ous

© Jacqueline Richards 2006

Answers :
star fish
light – house
light keeper
power – point
star gaze
power house
star spangled
tulip bulb
in one’s power
power – station
make light of
in power
light wings
bring to light
light year
light infantry
Stars and Stripes
light fingered
starry eyed


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