The Magic Letter Sent to Santa


Like most children, gnomes write letters to Father Christmas, hoping that all their dreams will come true – but the Magic Letter to Santa was rather different. It was written in paper that never tore, or got wet in the snow of the North Pole and ink that would never run. The Magic Letter to Santa was indestructible – folded like a Christmas present, decorated with tinsel and tied with a ribbon bow. It was Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer who licked the stamp on the magic letter to Santa … and that was the magic that made the letter go. The magic letter to Santa jumped all by itself into the postbox. When it set off on it’s travels, the magic letter to Santa travelled across all the continents. It didn’t even need a map. When the magic letter to Santa sailed in a boat to the United States of America, it was tossed and turned on the ocean waves … bitten by sharks and almost got stuck in a fishing net off the coast of Mexico. Fishermen trawled up the magic letter to Santa and wrote down in a list one or two things that they would like for Christmas – some more fish food, a can of paint for their ship, fishing tackle and a new anchor since the present anchor was rusty and worn.

Despite being used as the wrapping for the fishermen’s fish n’ chip dinner for a while, the magic letter to Santa continued on it’s way …In Hawaii, the magic letter to Santa was shipwrecked on sharp rocks but a kind octopus helped release it and set it afloat again. The magic letter to Santa took a ride on the back of a mermaid – who said she knew the way to the North Pole and would give him a ride in return for a magic Christmas present – she wished for a new bathing suit and a pair of gold earrings – the magic letter said he would do his best, but there aren”t many bathing suits in the icy cold arctic regions of the North Pole. However, the icy waters off Greenland were too cold for the mermaid and fearful that she might catch a chill, they parted, though she wished the magic letter well. It was then that the magic letter to Santa got lost … caught up in the propellers of a submarine. The magic letter to Santa looked up into the sky and saw a star – the Christmas star, the same one that guided the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem. The magic letter to Santa followed the star East and ended up in China, where it was made into a Chinese lantern. A Buddhist monk added on a special request to Santa – and of course, said that what he wanted most in the world was world peace. Whilst the magic letter was looking up, it lost it’s footing and slipped along the Great Wall and back into a big pile of seaweed, where it basked in the sun for a day or two. A crab added a present or two – a new lobster pot and some mayonnaise. Only a sailor, looking for lost gold found the magic letter, mistaking it for a treasure map. He threw the magic letter away onto a beach, thinking that it was an old scrap of paper. A gust of wind then took the magic letter to Africa – where it was almost burned in a fire by cannibals roasting tiger meat for dinner in a cooking pot. Luckily, because the letter to Santa was magic, it was found by a school boy who, after using the magic letter as a bookmark in his school book, decided to take it to a famous museum to see what it was. The curator of the museum read the magic letter to Santa and realising that it was magic, threw it up in the air crying a “HOCUS POCUS” spell out loud – the spell was so magic that it turned the magic letter to Santa into a paper aeroplane which flew through the air and continued to travel on it’s round the globe trip. In France the magic letter narrowly missed the I – Fell tower and after circling L’Arc de Trumpets, where the car horns blew the letter further on it’s way, it set off across the Channel – a seagull took the magic letter to Santa in his beak to Longdone. As the seagull perched on the balcony of Buck’s Fizz palace, he scratched a few more requests onto the list – a crow’s nest, a bit of bird seed and a wish for some better weather. Whilst eating crumbs fed by the Queen’s servants, the seagull dropped the magic letter. It was found by the Prince, who thought it was a serviette left behind from the banquet held the night before and tossed it into the bin. It was only when the magic letter started to sing the most beautiful Christmas melody that the Prince looked a little closer. Realising that this was a magic letter, since as magic letters do, it glistened with magic stardust, the Prince locked it in a chest so none of the others could find it – the magic letter was so magic letter, however, that it turned the key all by itself and escaped.

Once it was dusted off a bit by the maid in the Palace, who accidentally used the magic letter to Santa as a duster to polish the Queen’s table – the magic letter started performing magic tricks again. It was so magic that it turned the table into gold and the glass in the ornaments into diamonds, which of course, caught the attention of the Chancellor in the Treasury. Parliament debated what to do with the magic letter to Santa – they didn’t want an international dispute, of course, but knew that the magic letter to Santa could be the asnwer to the country’s economic problems. The bishop had been praying for some money to mend the cathedral roof for years ! The Prime Minister scripted a number of Christmas wishes for the poor people of the city – including a new bridge and quickly added one or two wishes of his own – a new tie and a new door knob for his house. So the Queen decided, that being a special letter, it ought to be returned to Santa and asked the Royal Mail to courier the letter first class aswell as conveying her special regal wishes to her old friend, Santa – along with a special request for a new pair of slippers, a jigsaw for the King and a new doll for the young princesses. If a Queen asks for something, of course, then magic things really do happen, of course. So finally, the magic letter to Sant reached it’s destination in the North Pole (after being trodden on by an arctic Polar Bear and a few penguins, who screwed up the magic letter into a ball and played football). One of the penguins kicked the magic letter to Santa as a footall and it scored a goal in Santa’s mailbox. Father Christmas was just about to gather up the newspaper from the mailbox when inside some old bills and postcards with best wishes fo the season from an Aunt in Indonesia, he spotted the magic letter. Although a bit soggy at the edges, by now, the magic letter was still magic. It had requests for toys from all the children of the world, in every language. A new boomerang for a boy in Austailia, a pair of socks for an Eskimo in Alaska, a new tractor for a farmer in Outer Mongolia and a drum for one of the toy soldiers.


The Letter To Santa Lost In the Post Spelling Activity

The letter to Santa got lost in the post, along with the letters from some of these words. Add “LETTER” or “LET” to see what new words, phrases and sentences that you can make :

_____ + tering

_____ + tuce

_____ + clip

_____ + weight

_____ + carrier

_____ + box

_____ + alone

_____ + writer

_____ + down

_____ + stamp

_____ + off

_____ + book

_____ + out

_____ + – board

_____ + well alone

_____ + of the law


Send Santa A Card For A Cent

How many words can you think of that contain the letters – sent (such as absent) and – cent (like Centurion) ?


Send Santa Christmas Wishes

How many words can you think of that contain the letters “S – A – N – T” such as pheasant ? 

© Jacqueline Richards 2006

Answers : lettering ; lettuce ; letter clip ; letter weight ; letter – carrier ; letter – box ; let alone; letter writer ; let down ; letter stamp ; let off ; letter – book ; let out ; letter – board ; let well alone ; letter of the law


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