The Pirate’s Parrot Who Couldn’t Say His P’s Properly


There was once a pirate’s parrot who couldn’t say his P’s properly … As the crow’s nest gave a bounce and the parrot went to PPPronouce his “P”‘s, all that came out of his beak was a p … p … p… wheeze. “Pass the Peas, please” simply made him sneeze … and every time he tried to say cheese on the high seas, it sounded more like Zzzz’s. Every day, the pirate’s parrot sat upon his PPPerch, drinking PPPepppermint cordial (a double measure) whilst singing his favourite tune about gold and hidden treasure… If the weather was windy and the starboard on his ship tossed on the waves, the parrots Ppp’s became even more PPPoppycock and he felt seasick for days. Although the pirate’s parrot knew many birds who could chirp, the only sound to come from his beak were Ppp’s PPPunctuated with a burp. When the PPPparrot became somewhat older, the PPPirate sometimes PPPut the PPParrot on his shoulder … but even this didn’t stop his P- PPProblem for the PPParrot who couldn’t say them. One day, the PPParrot tried to PPPop a PPPill, in the hope that it would ease his PPP’s and make his pronounciation better still. But it was hopeless, the PPPparrot had to admit, when it came to pronouncing PPP’s, he was simply a tit. The PPParrot even took elocution lessons in the hope that this just might, make his PPPronounciation a sight better and his difficulties slight. Although the PPParrot PPPractised … morning, noon and night … his lessons did little to ease his pecking problem and make his pecking right.


Put the POT and the POP Words Phonetic Spelling Game

Can you guess what these words are ? Help the pirate’s parrot to spell properly by adding either POP or POT to these words.

pepper * * *
* * * ty
* * *lar
* * *ular
* * *ulation
* * * hole
* * s *
* * s * age
* * *pycock
* * *age
* * s * erior
* * * hook
* * * plant
* * * sicle
* * * ppy
* * * ularity
* * * liteal


Molly and Polly Parrot

How many words can you think of contaning M – O – L ?

Example – cos – mol – ogy

… And P – O – L ? Example – pol – ice.



© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : pepper pot; potty ; popular ; population ; pot hole; post ; postage ; poppycock ; potage; pot hook ; pot plant ; popsicle ; poppy ; popularity ; popliteal


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