A Recipe For Disaster


A recipe for disaster would include all kinds of calamatous things … broken china cups and saucers as well as bits and bobs from the junk shop. Dynamite for blowing things up and scissors. To be truly disastrous, the recipe would contain instructions for disasters of Titanic proportions. The recipe for disaster would need a bulldozer to pick it up and put it back down again. The pages would easily fall out of the recipe for disaster recipe book … and soon become dog – eared. Oh what a disaster ! with a capital D. Right after the section in the index marked C for “Calamity” and just before the E for error. Finally, of course, a recipe for disaster would need to have sticky tape, glue and a piece of string to stick everything back together again. The recipe would take a lot of cooking … at 450 degrees celcius. The disaster would boil and bubble … with toil and trouble … so much that it would spill over the stove and over the kitchen floor … leaving a soggy puddle on the rug. The disaster would seep under the door and head towards the garden. It would be a real sticky mess, because, as disasters go, the more disastrous, the better ! The more mess the merrier !

cae3kd63.jpg For The Record Writing Activity 

Write an imaginary recipe of something that you would like to make. 

cae3kd63.jpg Write as many words as you can that begin in either “rec” or “res”. Pick ten and make a sentence with them.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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