Cirus The Circus Clown’s Nose For Shows


It took hours for Cirus, the Circus Clown to get ready for each performance. The bearded lady helped wash his trousers and the trapeze artist pegged them on his trapeze to dry. The elephant sat on them to iron out the creases and gave the clown’s trousers a final blow with his trunk for good measure. Cirus the Circus Clown sewed a patch back onto his coat, fixed the seam and stitched back a missing button. The candy floss man polished his boots whilst he was cleaning his hamburger van. The snake charmer used his magic to make the clown’s hat fit and helped to brush his wig. The performance was due to start at three o’ clock – about half past two the doors were unlocked. An hour before the crowd was due to arrive, Cirus the Clown checked to see they had music for the jive. Whilst the other circus clowns were out drawing a crowd, selling tickets, serving hotdogs and cooking popcorn, Cirus put the finishing touches to his outfit. He put a touch of make – up here and there – rouge on his cheeks, big, black eyebrows and blue eyes. His red smile took the longest. He almost forgot to put on his false eyelashes – but luckily, one of the jugglers reminded him. The clown took one last look in the mirror – perfect, just right – then he got one of the frights of his life … and froze … although he’d remembered all of his bows, he’d completely missed putting on his nose – the one he liked best for his circus shows. He looked in the wardrobes and in all the drawers – he couldn’t find it anywhere, though he looked for hours. He even asked one of the clowns to see if he was better at finding things round. But the red nose, which was usually plain to see, wasn’t to be found anywhere and it was almost ten to three. The clown checked the dishwasher and also looked in the fridge, he checked behind the curtains and on the window ledge. Still no nose. Nobody seemed to know. He even looked in one of his boots – it wasn’t there either, nor in the bowl of fruit. Cirus the Clown even looked outside on his scooter, just to see if he could find his hooter. Cirus the clown looked in the big tent, searching from the front to back row. Cirus the clown even asked the sealion, to see if perhaps his nose had been mixed up with one of his balls. He was either lying or couldn’t recall, but the sealion said “No – he had no idea where his nose had rolled at all”. And though he asked everyone, no – one seemed to know where his nose had gone. Then, suddenly, Cirus felt a sneeze coming fast … the kind of “ATISHOO !” that doesn’t easily pass and blasts. It must have been the sawdust from the circus floor, that made Cirus snuffle a little bit more. Whatever it was that was causing this tickle, before he ended up in real pickle, he knew that soon he’d have to stop this trickle. As he snuffled and sniffed, he put his hand in his pocket … when he felt inside, he realised he’d got it. His nose sat right in the middle of his handkerchief, his magic stick and his magic book of tricks. Cirus the Clown thought to himself, that the next time that his nose blows, he’d look more carefully to see where his nose for shows goes.


Circus N”ose” For Sh”ows” Activity

Fill in the gaps of the words or phrases with either OSE or OWS to complete them. Can you think of any more words like this ?

n * * *

cl * * *

sh * * *

gr * * *

b * * *

h * * *

bl * * *

ch * * * n

eyebr * * *

gl * * *

shall * * *

gall * * *

mel * * *

yel * * *

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : nose ; close ; shows; grows; blows ; hose ; blows; chosen ; eyebrows ; glows ; shallows ; gallows; mellow ; yellow


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