Clean Jean & Cleaner Tina


Clean Jean was the most sparkling girl in the class but Cleaner Tina sparkled even more. Clean Jean polished the desk and floor, but Cleaner Tina polished it more. Clean Jean’s clothes were always fresh and ironed quite neat, but even Cleaner Tina’s shoes shone on her feet. Clean Jean’s jeans were shiny and new, but Cleaner Tina’s were even more blue. Clean Jean loved cleaning and dusting … and everything in Clean Jean’s house shimmered and shone. She never rested or slept at all, until her housework was all done. The windows twinkled, the lights shone bright … and everything glistened. And though Clean Jean’s house was super and white, Cleaner Tina’s shone even at night. Clean Jean’s house flickered and flashed … but in Cleaner Tina’s everything was washed.

Clean Jean & Cleaner Tina “ina” or “eaner” Word Game

Add “ina” to these words to complete them then match them to the definitions.


BALLER + * * * = want of sufficient power
* * * + BILITY = more shiny
CL + * * * * * = a dancer
* * * + PT = unfit or unqualified
* * * + PPROPRIATE = unsuitable
* * * + CCESSIBLE = unreachable

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : ballerina ; inability ; cleaner ; inapt ; inappropriate; inaccessible


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