Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg and the Melting Iceberg


Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg always took his holidays by the sea. He visited his Eskimo friend, Elgar, in the North Pole and together they went fishing for their tea. Winter in the arctic region was always the best fishing season. Sometimes, they ski –ed, other times they swam, in the stormy waters off the coast of Amsterdam. Their fishing trips were so much fun – Duke Van Klostenberg laughed when Elgar slipped and splashed everyone. The pair arrived back, covered in sleet and snow, with a catch of three oysters, six fish, two penguins and a dolphin in tow. The only trouble was the chill, of course, that left the pair feeling ill, much worse. Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg and Elgar the Eskimo Esquire were so cold that as they shivered, even their fishing rods quivered. The Duke put his wet boot by the door, to get himself warm again, he jumped up and down on the floor. In fact, he jumped with such a hullaballoo, that he made a hole in the ice and slipped right through. It was enough to make your snowballs bounce – and make you wish you’d had a holiday in France. There were even icicles on his beards, the fish in his net had all frozen, the Duke feared. Quickly they boiled the kettle and cut some chips, before Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg started to drip. Hot under the collar, the Duke was so hot and bothered, that he didn’t bother how hot the kettle got … and very soon he’d boiled the pot. Slowly the heat from the fire made the whole room glow … and gradually started to melt the snow. As the weather cleared, the pair with whiskey cheered. They were soon so busy, cooking and such like, that they hadn’t even noticed that the igloo was more like a transatlantic bike. Nor did they note that the eskimo’s home had started to float like a boat. After an hour, they were a mile off shore … and Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg’s jokes had started to bore. As Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg and Elgar the Eskimo Esq. continued their chat over dinner, the igloo travelled further and started to get thinner. Outside in the cold, a polar bear roared a warning, that they would be in the South Pole by morning. Above the noise of the television and their Eskimo chatter, inside the pair didn’t notice a thing and nothing seemed to matter. They laughed so much that their belly hurt – outside in the sea, a white whale squirt. As the wind blew in a Northerly direction, no one had given the igloo an inspection. The Duke Van Klostenberg from Frotzenburg decided to take a breath of fresh air outside and couldn’t believe what he saw as they fried. What a shock he got, when he realised they had melted a hole in the whole lot !

carol-singing.jpg Quick Before It Melts Game !

Add ICE to these words to make a complete word or phrase

ICE + berg =

ICE + cube =

ICE + breaker =

ICE + cream =

ICE + hockey =

ICE + land =

ICE + bucket =

ICE + anchor =

Breaking the + =

ICE + rink =

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

This story is written in dedication to my second cousin, Harry Richards … who’ll be able to show anyone better than anyone where Laptop land is on the map !

iceberg ; ice – cube ; ice – breaker ; ice – cream ; ice – hockey ; Iceland ; ice bucket ; ice anchor ; Breaking the Ice ; ice – rink


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