Jigsaw Mix – Up (anagram spelling game)


I dropped my jigsaw last week when I was putting the box back on the shelf – as I reached up to slide under on top of the books, a pile of papers wobbled and fell over. The jigsaw box tottered and tumbled over … out spilled the jigsaw pieces onto the rug. One by one, I tried to patch up the broken picture – but it was hopeless – there were oranges where there should have been grapes and the faces of some famous pictures from one jigsaw looked most disjointed. The nose didn’t fit between the ears and there were dots where there should have been stripes. A picture postcard of Bournemouth looked more like an inner city. All the writing was jumbled up and back to front. The straight edges didn’t quite look straight at all and everything was in a jumble. Although the box said the jigsaw should have been twelve inches by six (and a square), by the time the pieces were put together, the jigsaw was twice that size (oblong and round in places). What a mix – up !

jigsaw1.jpg Jigsaw Spelling Game

Can you put this jigsaw back together to make proper words ?

pres / tation / en / misre /

ee / jam / bor

ey / jock

ket / jac

gle / jin

is / jur / pu / dence

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : misrepresentation ; jamboree ; jockey ; jacket ; jingle ; jurispudence;


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