Miss Ballerina P. Nut and the Magic Peanut Wish


Miss Ballerina P. Nut was nuts about music. When she sang to the music of the band, she was the best soprano in the whole of the land … but when it came to performing a dance, she was so hopeless that she quickly cracked her nutshell. Although she tried to waltz in time, her dancing really wasn’t at all that fine. Her steps on the musical parade, were a real peanut charade. She really couldn’t dance at all … every time she took a step she would fall. As she floated around in the hall, she cracked her nut and crashed into the wall. She hopped, skipped and even jumped … and landed on te ground with a horrible THUMP ! The only music she made was the bump ! It was hardly any wonder that Miss Ballerina P. Nut could never keep the beat – of course, it’s because peanuts have no feet. Her favourite dance was rock and roll … she loved the quickstep which she danced with all her soul. Even though she looked a sight, she kept on practising to get the steps right. In fact, as she practised a little bit more, she pirouetted right off the edge of dance floor. Then one day, as Miss Ballerina P. Nut took a break, she looked on the ground and saw a hissing snake. The hissing snake was protecting a box … that kept inside all kinds of treasures locked. Finally Miss Ballerina P. Nut found the key … she wanted to see what treasures she could free. Inside she gasped as she found to her surprise … a golden nut that dazzled her eyes. The golden nut was magic and Miss Ballerina P. Nut bounced it to see if it could do any tricks. She dropped it on the floor … it rolled on the rug and crashed into the door. Out spilled wishes galore. Very soon, her out of step troubles were gone – as she wished for magic things to happen one by one. Miss Ballerina P. Nut wished for some shoes … that would teach her to dance to the blues without so much as a bruise. Then she wished for a beautiful ballgown that could dance by itself … so Miss Ballerina P. Nut wouldn’t be left on the shelf. A diamond ring and all kinds of things … ribbons and bows so her face glows and her dance goes in shows. Miss Ballerina P. Nut wished for a new violin, to replace the other one she’d put in the bin. Soh, rah, me and a little bittle of do, she wished for a new music compact disc player, because the other one didn’t go. A tamborine and a new guitar, soon she was the beat dancer by far. As her peanut wishes one by one came true, she suddenly found she could dance much better, too. As the lights flashed with real razzamatazz, there was a “PAZAZZ !”. Now she could even dance to jazz. She started with simple steps at first, and kept on practising till her nutshell burst. The next time she danced the salsa, when she gyrated and twirled … Miss Ballerina P. Nut no longer got so irated and the laces on her dance shoes unfurled. Tickets for her fantastic show sold in their thousands …. and everyone came to watch Miss Ballerina P. Nut perform. The dancefloor shook so much, it caused a snowstorm ! When Miss Ballerina P. Nut danced the tap … not only did her music make the audience clap … even the birds got in a flap. As soon as Miss Ballerina P. Nut was salted and dry roasted … across the dancefloor she musically coasted. Where once upon a time, she had been hopelessly out of tune, now she could jive across the room, as the symbols crashed with an incredible “BOOM !”. Her disco kept the neighbours awake … they told her to turn the music down, for heaven’s sake. She danced the flamenco with a nut from Brazil … the last I heard, they were dancing still.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007


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