Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard … and when she opened her cupboard door, a pile of cans of baked beans fell to the floor. Out popped a loaf of bread and hit Old Mother Hubbard “BANG !” on the head. Old Mother Hubbard cried out in pain, as another bottle of milk spilled into the drain. There was so much tomato ketchup in Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard that soon there was a thick, rich saucy puddle on the kitchen wall … as bottles of orange juice started to fall. Next a box of size six eggs fell out and hit Old Mother Hubbard right on the legs. Then an apple rolled across the floor and a lemon hit the kitchen door. Piles of pasta splattered to the ground, as Old Mother Hubbard stumbled around. Coughing in clouds of flour and sugar, all fell from the cupboard of Old Mother Hubbard. There were slices of meat and jars of sweet sweets that Old Mother Hubbard trod with her feet. Then, one grain of rice fell after another, as Old Mother Hubbard saw her cupboard empty of everything once and then twice. Coffee grains and tea bags al fell out … and they all gave Old Mother Hubbard a horrible clout. Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard had more than one shelf … and all Old Mother Hubbard could hear was a crashing, tumbling, Old Mother Hubbard crashing sound. No wonder Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard got to be so bare.

Old Mother Hubbard Ice – Cream Spelling Game

One of Old Mother Hubbard’s favourite foods is ice – cream. See if you can find as many words as possible that old Mother Hubbard could lick, ending in — LIC.
Example – italic.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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