Put Up Your Hands (quick classroom activity)


Put up your hands – put your feet up, do but make sure your trousers don’t tumble down too.
Reach out your arm – then stretch a leg more, but make sure your socks don’t wobble to the floor.
Bend over backwards and then touch the ground, but make sure your skirt doesn’t twist round and around.
Jump up and down – then land on one spot – but make sure you don’t get sweaty and hot.
Hop on one leg, then hop on the other, perhaps uyou could even hop with your brother.
Take two steps forward, then three steps back – but make sure your steps get you back on the track.
Blink three times, then close your eyes tight, but make sure your glasses don’t fly off like a kite
Take a left turn, then turn to the right – but make sure you don’t go through a red light,
This is my dance, it’s easy to do – especially if with friends and a crew, too.

hands-up.jpg You’ve Got To Hand It To Them !

Pick ten animals. Draw a picture of their different paws. Then write a paragraph explaining how and why each foot is like it is.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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