Simple Simon & Clever Dick Solve Some Sums With A Magic Calculator Trick Quick

When it came to a sum – Simple Simon was completely dumb. He was hopeless at maths, when it came to solving puzzles, he headed off down the garden path. Adds and subtractions left him puzzled, as puzzles do, and all of his algebra only ever added up to number two. Simple Simon thought long, hard and fast, but when he tried to fathom things out, he always came last in his class. In the bank, his mind went blank. In fact, when he tried to fathom things out, he only became muddled and got so frustrated that he started to shout. He was hopeless with numbers – they only made him grumble. His mathematic ability only made him stumble. At first, his head burst. When he tried to make things match, he was completely clueless and his head he started to scratch. There was simply no reason for him to be struggling with his equations. But he had so little idea of algebra, he never got anywhere near a collation. So fed up, Simple Simon he headed off to the equator, where he met his old friend, Clever Dick – a much better collator. Seeing Simon struggling and how maths was getting on his wick, Clever Dick said bought him a calculator, which he said would be just the trick. This new piece of equipment, that Clever Dick had sent, helped Simple Simon be top of the class and soon he worked for the government. The magic calculator that Simple Simon bought solved all his problems in the subjects that he fought, he thought. After a year or so, tapping on the keys, his mathematic ability was much greater and he could multiply with ease. Numbers one to twenty – nine, he soon knew every sine and cosine. Simple Simon’s maths improved so much, that soon he couldn’t stop. He added up everything in the whole house and even the things in the shop. At the supermarket till, when he had to pay a bill, he was even more stupid still. But after a while with his new calculator, Simple Simon’s maths soon became much greater. His sums were soon so well added up, that he never lost at scrabble again … and he even won a cup. In fact, when Simple Simon started taking away, as great mathematicians must, very soon there was nothing left on the supermarket shelves except for considerable dust. He had heard that there were great mathematicians there – who could add up to a zillion and one, without so much of a care. At first, they couldn’t answer at all and they had trouble their numbers to recall … but after a while practising sums, Simple Simon’s head was no longer in crumbs. Where in class, Simple Simon had once been the thickest, now he answered all the questions quickest. When Simple Simon and Clever Dick decided to solve some sums with a magic calculator trick, the answers were soon answered like magic and his exam was finished quick. Simple Simon and Clever Dick soon were so clever, they got only ticks.

Use a calculator to help Simple Simon solve these sums :

25256 + 25356 =

46346 + 5670 =

50 24355 – 23246 =

5678 – 55 + 5 =

45 60 + 45 100 + 35 =

3 x 3 x 2 x 7 x 2 =

56 252 + 526 567 + 78 945 =

24355 + 25325 – 6 – 6 – 10 =

Sim – ple Sym – metry
Draw five different shapes, then place a mirror next to them. Draw the reflected mirror image so that it is duplicated. 

© Jacqueline Richards 2007


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