Snoozy Asleep On The Job

Fatigue was Snoozy’s middle name. He was always asleep on the job … Snoozy hardly ever heard his alarm clock, nor the traffic that rolled past his window outside. The number seven bus, nor the house being built next door awoke Snoozy from his slumber … Snoozy rolled out of bed reluctantly with a crash. Sometimes, he even turned up to work in his pyjamas and slippers ! Snoozy yawned and yawned all morning … His teddy bear arms outstretched. He snored so loudly in his coffee break that the coffee machine shook … and when he was tired, he fell off his chair. It didn’t matter to Snoozy where he slept, if he couldn’t sleep on the bed, he slept on the sofa … and sometimes even on the rug. By lunchtime, Snoozy was flopped in the chair. After an hour or so on the computer, his eyelids drooped. All afternoon, he was feeling lazy – his mid – afternoon siesta lasted almost till tea – time. By four o’clock in the afternoon, he was almost on the floor ! His eyelids drooped all day, his eyes had saggy bags and dark shadows underneath them and he yawned most of the time ! When anyone came to find him to do his chores, he was always asleep on the job or day – dreaming about cakes and other tasty sweet things ! In the evening, Snoozy was exhausted and eventually fell fast asleep. He was whacked and worn out all week.

Activity – write ten words that begin in “snoo” and ten words that begin in “snoo”.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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