The Broken Compass


The most magic compass was so magic that you never needed a map … North, South, East, West … it was easy to see where you were going. But one day, the compass fell to the ground. Glass smashed and the arrows got broken. Soon, East and West changed places. Very soon, North was South and when you looked at the compass, your head spin. Instead of going forwards, you suddenly went back and around the roundabout the wrong way. The broken compass broke everything else too – the signs to the park soon pointed to the zoo. The broken compass turned the world upside down and soon everything in the world was spinning round and round. The broken compass broke the road and even the motorways travelled off the edge of the map. The broken compass broke the traffic so that the red light shone green and the green light shone amber. The broken compass broke the bridge so that the rivers spilled their banks. The broken compass broke more the windows and the doors – and everyone soon fell right through the floor.

North, South, East, West

How many words can you think of with either North, South, East or West inside ? Example – Northbound .

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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