The Christmas That Santa Claus Sang


One Christmas, as his sleigh bells started to ring, Santa Claus decided he wanted to learn how to sing. From the minute that he rolled out of bed, Santa Claus started carol singing cantor over his bread. At first, he was hopelessly out of tune … but he practised everywhere and very soon, his song could be heard all over the town. When Santa Claus sang on the roof, he broke the chimney pot and a reindeer knocked off three tiles with his hoof. Santa Claus practised so hard, down fell two Christmas cards. Despite the snow, Santa started singing – “Doh ! Rah ! Me ! Fah ! Soh !”. In fact, they were the only words that Santa could remember and he practised them all December. In the background, the gnomes hammered away, tapping a tune that the elves could play. One of the gnomes played a beat on his drum, as gradually, Santa started to hum. Before long, the entire grotto was in full swing caroling … all because Santa started to sing. Along with the robin redbreast’s chirp and cheep – Santa started singing bass – his voice was really quite deep. The Christmas fairy joined in, too. As fairy lights flashed and trumpets blew. When Santa sang his notes on high, three stars twinkled and fell from the sky. Then he sang his tenor notes so low, he fell right into a deep hole in the snow. All that could be seen were Santa’s feet, though he continued singing to the Christmas beat. As deeper and deeper, into the hole he sunk, some of the angels thought he was drunk. He sang so much that his bobble hat fell off … he couldn’t get the radio to play loud enough. Naturally, when Santa stomped his feet, the beat could be heard even on the street. Although Santa Claus didn’t know the words, his hymns were the best that the choir had ever heard. He even sang solo as he had a bath. As he washed his socks and polished his shoes … Santa kept on singing the blues. The only thing that brought a hush, at three o’ clock, was listening to the speech made by the Queen. The Christmas that Santa Claus sang turned into the best Christmas that had ever been.


Santa’s Lost Singing Voice

Santa soon lost his voice, along with some of the letters from these words. Add the letters “SING” to complete these words, phrases and sentences.

CLO + ______ =

HIS + ______ =

LO + ______ =

MIS + ______ =

KIS + ______ =

PO + ______ =

RI + ______ =

COMPRI + ______ =

_ WING _ _ _

DO + ______ =

HO + ______ =

Hallelujah ! In the hall, the carol singers started to call – “Hallelujah !” was the only word that they knew at all … what words did they sing that included the word “all” ?


© Jacqueline Richards 2007



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