The Frog Who Learned to Swim


There was once a tiny tadpole who wanted to learn to swim. Although he was born in a natural habitat … and was quite used to paddling in murky and muddy waters, when he came to swim – his swimming technique was a serious belly flop. He simply didn’t float. His back crawl went forwards instead of backwards and left him huffing and puffing, going red in the face … When he tried to front crawl – he only went sideways and landed up in the bullrushes at the side of the pond. The tadpole watched his mother the frog and some of her ol’ toadie friends … imitating their toadie walk … but he could only shuffle along. He had a word with the moorhens – who all lined up and showed the frog how to bob his head under water like moorhens do … but the tadpoles neck was too thick for that and all the other frogs just burst out laughing at him ! The ducks quacked that they may be able to help …. They ducked and dived and showed the frog their waddle. Great for pecking at crumbs but not much use for a tadpole. The swan elegantly floated under the bridge in the park … and showed the tadpole how to glide. But it was hopeless, the tadpole’s tail did not have nearly the same motor power as the swan’s webbed feet but this did suit the tadpole somewhat – who liked the left and right turns. But it was the newts who were able to show the tadpole how best to swim underwater, avoiding pond weed and dodging the hungry teeth of the pike, who lurked in the muddy waters looking for a tasty tadpole breakfast. By the time the tadpole had developed legs, he was racing across the pond fastly, swimming in and out of the eels, dodging the pond weed. His front crawl improved to the extent that he was able to beat all the other tadpoles in a tadpole race. He swam in circles and in and out of the cocoa cola cans that littered the pond, left by careless fishermen, stopping off for a nibble of maggot from the odd fishing rod or two. He dived in the waters from the springboard and flipped over a somersault much to the enjoyment of the ducks who clapped their webbed feet in applause. But the tadpole’s swimming technique really took off when his tail disappeared (as most tadpoles’ tails do). He even signed up for a gala competition at the local swimming baths and before long was winning gold and silver medals.toad-2.jpg

What things might be found in a pond – write a list of them.


Guess the swimming strokes …

br * ast

fr * nt crawl

ba * k stroke

underwat * *

div * ng


List as many water sports as you can that the frog might try and elarn.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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