The Hungry Goldfish Who Drank Too Much Water


The hungry goldfish who drank too much water gurgled inside. He drank so much water that he started hiccupping – and every time he hiccupped, bubbles came from his mouth. Soon, the whole sea was like champagne – every time the hungry goldfish started hiccuping again. The sky too was full of bubbles, floating off on the breeze, every time the hungry goldfish let out a hungry goldfish sneeze. The hungry goldfish then drank some more, he drank so much, he fell to the floor. Drunk as a skunk. Luckily, the floor was slippy wet too – it didn’t take long for him to slip like goldfish do. He skidded and swam in a puddle of water, when they swim like goldfish really oughta. It seemed that nothing could quench his thirst – he drank so much water, he thought he would almost burst after he almost swallowed the glass first ! The hungry goldfish gargled and guzzled – inside the goldfish bowl, the other fish buzzled. Waves splashed as the goldfish passed. The hungry goldfish awoke the cat – with his bubbling and gurgling that SPLAT on the mat. First he tried backstroke and then the front crawl – it seemed that nothing could stop him gurgling at all. Although most people like summer – the hungry goldfish’s favourite month – was when it rained so he could have a watery punch for lunch. The minute the goldfish saw grey clouds passing by, he’d pull up a bucket to gather rain from the sky. Oh what bubble trouble the goldfish had, when he gurgled so much water, it made him quite sad !


The Hungry Goldfish’s Watery Spelling Game

The Hungry Goldfish gobbled the WATER from these words. Can you put it back ? Add WATER to spell these watery phrases correctly again.

___________ + fall

___________+ works

___________ + hole

waste + ___________

___________ + y porridge

___________ + proof

___________ + tight

___________ + resistant

___________ed down drink

___________ + tap

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : waterfall ; waterworks ; water hole ; waste water ;watery porridge ; water proof ; water tight ; water resistant ; watered down drink


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