The Hungry Greenfly Who Ate A Whole Bowling Green


Unlike most other greenfly around the trees, the hungry greenfly didn’t much care for leaves. When he flew around the flowers, it only made him sneeze and he often got blew off course whenever there was a breeze. The hungry greenfly sat thinking on the flowerpot. He wondered why his belly rumbled such a lot. It was probably because yesterday, he’d already eaten all the flowers that the garden had got. After munching through a portion of stem, the hungry greenfly then started to eat the pollen. Next, the hungry greenfly tucked into the grass. Before he knew it, there was less and less. He chewed a piece of carrot, two grapes and a twig. Shortly afterwards, he finished off a three figs. The hungry greenfly took a bite of cherry, then he gobbled down a whole strawberry. It didn’t matter much that he was only small … or that the woods were incredibly tall … the hungry greenfly ate it all. Very soon, after crunching a hole in the gate, the hungry greenfly ate a date. He even developed a greedy liking for tasty weeds and rolled around in a million seeds. The hungry greenfly didn’t stop there, soon he’d devoured a whole flight of stairs. He narrowly missed being run over by a truck, as the hungry greenfly looked for things to bake with nettles in his recipe book. Some dandelion juice … and even more fruit, the hungry greenfly munched green shoots and five roots. He didn’t need a knife, fork or spoon, the hungry caterpillar had eaten his way to the middle of the orchard by the middle of the afternoon. Soon, the hungry greenfly’s appetite was known far and wide, for how many apples he could eat and how he once nearly ate a seat. Even the park bench and the fence were gone, all because the hungry greenfly was hungrier than anyone.


The Greener Than Has Ever Been Greenfly Game

As well as eating a whole bowling green, the hungry greenfly also ate some of the letters from these words. Put the GREEN back into these words and phrases to spell them correctly. Example : _______ + LAND = Greenland

_______ + Island =

_______ + issues =

_______ + alternative =

_______ + est =

_______ + house =

_______ + ery =

village + _______ =

_______ + bananas =

_______ + vegetables =

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : Green Island ; green issues ; green alternative ; greenest ; greenhouse ; greenery ; village green ; green bananas ;


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