The Kitten’s Mittens


The kitten’s mittens were only small – just big enough to cover his paws. He put them on every day that so they covered his feet from the rain and snow. It took a day to knit them in all – the kitten’s mittens were really that small. But the kitten also had incredible claws, that unravelled the wool and plucked a hole … soon, it was possible to see his feet … and soon his mittens were not so neat. Before long, the kitten’s mittens became a thread that lead downstairs from underneath his bed. The kitten’s mittens were now nothing but string that could now tie knots and circle things. The kitten’s mittens were no longer a glove – they could stretch and tie the curtains above. The kitten used the string as a lead for the dog and used them to tie up the twigs as a log. When the kitten gave a gift – he used the mittens to make them lift. The kitten’s mittens were long and thin … the kitten could use them to tie his hat under his chin. The kitten used his mittens to make a scarf … and a dickie bow tie that was bigger, by half. The kitten’s mittens were a ball of wool, that the kitten could use as a ball and pull. Now his mittens were just a string, they came in handy when there was a wind. The kitten’s mittens were just a rope, that he could use to keep his balloon afloat. He used his string to fly a kite … though the kite almost flew off one night. Because it was so light in flight, the kitten had to hold on quite tight. The kitten’s mittens were a like a yoyo, that he could hold from the ground below, when the wind decided to blow. The kitten’s mittens were the longest of all – they stretched from the top of the stairs down the hall. He could use them as a telephone wire – when he wanted to call home, or tell someone he had a computer for hire.


Sitting Kitten

How many other words can you think of with ITT in the middle, at the beginning or at the end ? Example – SITTER. Make a list.


The Mit In The Middle

Add the letters M – I – T to complete the words.  

s __ __ __ ten

__ __ __ ten

com __ __ __ ment

e __ __ __

o __ __ __

__ __ __ e

dyna __ __ __ e

__ __ __ igation

__ __ x __ ure

am__un__ __ion

o ___ ter

__ __ s__ y

__ __ s __ rust

__ __ __ re

__ __ s __ ake

__ __ __ treat

__ __ s __ ime

__ __ s __ ress

__ __ spen __

__ __ ss __ ate

__ __ sinforma __ ion

__ __ sin __ erpret

__ __ sconduc __

__ __ scons __ rue

__ __ sprin __

__ __ squo __ e

__ __ sma __ ch  

© Jacqueline Richards 2007


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