The Magic Rubber Duck


The magic rubber duck bobbed about on the waves in the bath. He was really great at surfing … and loved to duck and dive. Front crawl was his best swimming stroke … and he easily beat the loofa and the sponge in a swimming race. Every time he hiccupped, the rubber duck made a bubble so that soon, the bath was full of foamy bubbles. He even sang in the bath, keeping all the neighbours awake. The magic rubber duck loved bathing so much that he took a bath every day. He was so busy enjoying his swim that he got sucked down into the plughole … and swam straight down the drain. Soon the magic rubber duck had landed with a splash in a puddle and floated downstream into the town. The magic rubber duck skirted the roundabout … and narrowly missed the tyres of a bus. Soon he had reached the bridge and he jumped into the river. This really was a duck’s paradise ! When the tide came in, the magic rubber duck got sucked out to sea … he almost got shipwrecked when he crashed into a dinghy. He met a mermaid on the way, who showed him all the best rocks to rest and where to find the best fish ‘n’ chips. He made friends with a starfish … and played chase with shoals of fish. Soon the magic rubber duck was soaking wet through … he didn’t mind the rain, one little bit … because he had brought a very good umbrella and a new swimsuit. The magic rubber duck was the happiest duck in all the land … who paddled in puddles, which, of course he thought were grand.

Activity – If you were a magic rubber duck – what would life be like ? Describe what you eat, where you swim and who you meet.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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