The Most Magic Button


Life as a button is generally quite hard. People can’t decide whether or not to keep you open or closed – and they are always fiddling with you, turning you around and pushing you in and out of holes. But this magic button was the fastest and fittest fastener anyone could hope to fix ! If you pressed the press stud and caught the catch – music rang out. If you tickled the toggle, flowers appeared. If the button bounced, chocolate drops fell out. The clasp never came undone and if the magic button fell off, another one soon replaced it automatically without ever having to stitch another one back on again. The magic button was made of meltaway chocolate – lovely to look at and easy to lick. Hey presto ! the button disappeared but luckily, it was so magic that it soon reappeared again. The magic button was so magic that when it spin, it flew into outer space like a flying saucer to the Planet Pluto and back again without ever using a map. Imagine that ! The magic button was so magic that it won awards fo the best popper in the world, so magic that it could fasten anything – even the biggest jumper, the most loose shirt and wripped trousers. Magic.


Imagine that you had a shirt with five magic buttons that granted you five magic wishes when they fell off. Write a list of what five magic things you would wish for and why. What would you do with your new five magic things ? 

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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