The Most Magic Greenhouse


The magic greenhouse was so magic that whatever was planted inside grew quicker than a knitted woolly sock. It only took one raindrop for the magic greenhouse to make the flowers in the magic greenhouse blossom. A sprinkle of seeds … and shoots sprouted from the soil. Whenever the weather was cold and icy outside, inside the magic greenhouse always shone a ray of sunlight and the temperature rose to at least fifty degrees. If the gardener ran out of pots – the magic greenhouse majicked some more on the floor and the hinges never broke or came off the door. Inside the magic greenhouse there were magic garden tools that did all the gardening all by themselves. No more aching backs from bending over a spade … the lawnmower didn’t even need plugging in before it started cutting the grass ! The shovel could dig a hole so deep that you could see the other side of the world if you looked into it. The magic greenhouse was so magic that the leaves were the biggest in the world … so magic that the roots in the plants grew to the middle of the world. The magic greenhouse was so magic that the flies inside could squash a cat, the spiders’ webs were so big that it took the spider a month to get from one side of the web to another. Butterflies – the prettiest in the world – fluttered everywhere inside the magic greenhouse and the bees didn’t sting. The vegetables were the tastiest in the world and didn’t need fertiliser ! The tomatoes were so red that they grew to be the size of an Edam cheese … the cucumbers were more like telegraph poles … the radishes were more like ping pong balls. The hosepipe in the magic greenhouse spurted a fountain of water so pretty that it sprinkled magic sherbert dust all over the pond. The magic greenhouse grew potatoes the size of footballs … and lettuces that looked like bushes. The magic greenhouse was so magic that the roses inside never needed pruning … so magic that the thorns on the rose bushes didn’t scratch. The windows on the magic greenhouse never broke and they only needed cleaning every two months. Magic.

leek-wales.jpg Vegetable Stew

Can you guess what the missing letters are in the following fruit and vegetables grown in the magic greenhouse ?

t * mato


















run*er be*ns

br*ad beans

gr**n beans 

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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