The Scrambled Egg Scambled Scrabble Letters


The chicken loved scrabble. It liked to match the words to their definitions in the dictionary and the more points the chicken scored, the better. Even if the chicken couldn’t spell – he loved to play scrabble – though not so well. None of the words were ever quite right – and his letters got jumbled and were always a sight. Whenever he was bored, the chicken got out his scrabble board. There are so many letters in the chicken’s scrabble board that when the chicken shook the box, the letters inside rattled and the words were more absurd. Unfortunately, however, the other day, when the chicken was reaching to get the game from the shelf, his chicken foot slipped and it dropped the scrabble board onto the floor. The box plopped open and out spilled hundreds of letters. The chicken’s favourite food was scrambled eggs … so very soon, hardly surprising, that the chicken had scrambled the scrabble board with his scramble and his scrambling chicken legs. As quick as a flash, every word in the english alphabet, according to the dictionary, was soon spelt incorrectly. My highest scoring scrabble word – ‘ZIGZAG’ – soon became scrambled and ended up as ‘GZAGIZ’. ‘DISINTERGRATE’ disintegrated into ‘GREATRETSIDIN’ and ‘FANTASTIC’ fantastically finished up as ‘TACINFSAT’. ‘JUMBLED’ was jumbled to be spelt like ‘DUMBJLE’. Suddenly, there were enough D’s to spell ‘DODDERY’ but not enough E’s to spell ‘ELEPHANT’ with ease. There were as many consonants as vowels … quite an achievement for a chicken fowl … and even more plurals. It took a whole week playing scrabble to put the letters back into the right word order again, though admittedly none of the words ever looked the same. All his words were upside – down and the chicken had scrambled his whole scrabble around. The scrambled egg and the chicken leg, made a hotch – potch of every one of the words… they ended up looking like the strangest words you had ever heard. “MAGNIFICENT” turned into “GAMFINICENT” and none of the words were spelt as they were meant. The scrambled lasted until the chicken was tireed … his letters had all been used and the chicken decided he should be retired. The scrambled egg scrabble was a real omlette on a plate ! all because of the eggs laid by the chicken, I bet, as he played scrabble with his mates. The scrabble game was the longest ever in the world, though nobody understood any one of the words.

caghifct.jpg Scrambled Scrabble Spelling

Can you spell the words correctly by unscrambling the letters ?

borken – earthed

© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : treatment ; broken – hearted ; commission ; diappointment ; everything ; forever ; gigantic ; however

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