The Sewing Machine That Wouldn’t Stop Sewing


There was once a sewing machine that wouldn’t stop sewing – as soon as the thread was put into the needle and the plug plugged in … off the sewing machine set magically … whizzing and whirring as it stitched together the sleeves of my coat. Gradually whole pockets disappeared and seams were double – stitched. The hem on my skirt became two inches shorter and I no longer had a hood in my favourite coat. The zip was zipped for good and tacked to the tablecloth. Not only were my socks darned, but before they looked like gloves – with five fingers. There really was no stopping the electronic needle – it pounded the curtains and sewed the blinds together. Up and down and up and down again, the needle stitched, embroidering the legs of my trousers to the sleeves of my t- shirt. A pair of socks soon became one … and my tie was stitched to my collar. Trousers were hemmed, and buckled and zipped in a single stocking stitch. My best coat was hemmed and as I was doing up the buttons … my fingers were stitched, too. My gloves were sewn together, so I couldn’t get my hands out of them … nor could I put my arms down my sleeves. My two shoes were tied together … and the laces stitched with cotton thread. And when I went to put my hat on, my hat got stitched to my head ! “Watch out for your ears !”, said a pal with a cheer … and clapped his hands together. The sewing machine stopped …. and off the needle dropped … It simply wouldn’t stop stitching. Once the sewing machine was through in the lounge, it jetted off to the kitchen – stitching the dishcloth to the tea – towel and patching up the rug. In the conservatory, the sewing machine jetted off through the fruit bowl … three bananas were fixed permanently to a pair of pairs and an apple. A stocking stitch stitched the flowers in the vase to the vase and the vase to the fireplace. It seemed that there was no stopping the sewing machine that wouldn’t stop sewing. Into the garden, the sewing machine stitched together the lawn mower to the trowel and the trowel to the shovel. Oh my word ! This is getting absurd ! It would take me weeks to unpick these stitches … and even longer to open the window and doors after the sewing machine had tacked them together.


Activity That Is Only So -Sew

Make ten sentences that have the word “so” and ten sentences with the word “sew” inside it.

(Teacher’s note – this may be a good idea to show how sentences and paragraphs can be stitched together) .


Hear A Pin Drop

Drop the letters P – I – N to complete the words








__ __ __ e

 s__ __ __ e 

__ __ __ ned

 s__ __ __ ning wheel 

 res__ __ __  

 __ __ __ acle 

 __ __ __ afore 

 __ __ __ t of milk

 __ __ __ k 

 __ __ __ cer 

__ __ __ fold 

 __ __ __ k 

 o __ __ __ ion 

 __ __ __ hole 

__ __ __ ball 

 s __ h __ __ cter 

 s __ __ __ dle 

 s __ __ __ ach 

 s __ __ __ ster

 s __ __ __ text


Not What It Seems

Write ten sentences including the word “seam” and “seem” – do you know the difference ?


The Pleated Skirt

How many words can you think of that include the letters – plete ? Example – deplete, complete.


In Creases Quiz

Round 1

Divide the class into two teams of “pins” and “needles”. Each team gets one point if … 

1. A team member can name a word that includes the word – crease ? (Example – decrease)

Round 2

2. Each team writes down ten long words from the dictionary on different scraps of paper. They are then folded at various points and handed to the adjudicator and read out loud. A point is scored for the team who adds the right letters in the correct order to  complete the spelling of the word.


Rags To Riches

Circle the word “RAG” inside these words.











© Jacqueline Richards 2005

Answers : pine; spine ; pinned ; spinning wheel ; respin ; pinacle ; pinafore ; pint of milk ; pink ; pincer ; pinfold ; pink ; opinion ; pinhole ; pinball ; sphincter ; spindle ; spinach ; spinster ; spintext


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