The Symbols Crashed


When the symbols crashed, the drumbeats bashed … and before long everything else in the orchestra smashed. Lights flashed and the symbols crashed. All of this crashing, of course, made such a loud din – that it awoke all the animals who jumped up and landed in a bin. When the symbols fell onto the floor, they crashed and crashed and crashed some more. And before long, all the other instruments in the orchestra were dashing … the saxaphone blew, the trumpet, too. Even the guitar crashed a bit, too. When the symbols crashed, the whole house shook – they crashed so much, the chimney came unstuck. The tiles on the roof, tumbled to the ground and the symbols kept on crashing and spinning round and around. the symbols crashed so loud, they awoke all the birds – they crashed so much, nothing else could be heard. The symbols crashed and crashed so much, they made all the singers in the choir bounce. They bounced so much, they hit high notes – and even the pianist started to float. The symbols crashed and crashed about – they crashed so much, there was no doubt – the symbols’ crashing was utterly smashing.


Some words have a “bell” ringing inside them and are made by adding a NOUN + the suffix “able” to show it describes the noun. Find as many words as you can ending in … able. Then write some more words which include “bel”.



© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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