The Tired Angel


Angels find that flying around in heaven can be very tiring … all that wing – flapping can leave an angel exhausted … and after a night or two, zipping between the stars, an angel can soon become very tired, indeed. By midnight, the tired angel was yawning so much, she almost swallowed a star. She waved her magic wand and … “HEY PRESTO !” the pearly gates suddenly opened ajar. The best place for an angel to sleep, to rest her weary wings, is on a cloud pillow, suggested St Peter, as the tired angel stretched her arms and put away her things. She climbed into a feathery bed and underneath her the rusty springs squeaked. The tired angel was so tired that she had dark circles under her eyes … and she was so restless … as meteorites went passing by. The tired angel tossed and turned – a good night’s sleep was all she yearned. In the background, the pearly gates slammed shut and kept the tired angel awake. She called to the neighbours to keep the noise down – but it was hopeless – there was so much racket all around the town that the angel could only get thirty – seven rather than forty winks. She was just about to drop off to sleep, when St. Peter came round the corner, looking for little Bo – Peep, who was looking for her sheep. The tired angel was so tired, her legs and arms ached. In fact, the tired angel was still yawning, till way past ten past eight. The tired angel called to St Paul to turn off the lights and stop slamming the windows and doors – but he still didn’t keep the noise down at all. The tired angel was still yawning when St Peter opened up the gates and called the angels for breakfast, around about half past eight. But as soon as the rainclouds sprinkled raindrops … it awoke the angel with a start … and very soon he was no longer yawning, but pulling the rainclouds apart. Before long, he had cleaned up the sky … and rays of sun glistened as he flew by.


Imagine you were an angel … Where would you fly to and why ? What would you like to see ? Who would you take ?


Tyre or Tire ? Make five sentences with each word.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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