Who Dunnit ? A Puzzling Clue


Professor Black and Miss Scarlett were busy playing cluedo in the lounge one day, whilst Mrs White was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Aromatic smells drifted through the hall and everyone’s mouths were watering. They rolled the dice and shared out the playing cards. Square by square, each player moved around the board … it looked like Reverend Green was about to win, until they realised that something had disappeared out of the kitchen – the revolver and the dagger – no – one knew where it had gone – but the players looked for clues … there was a trail of crusts leading from the fridge door and splatterings of peanut butter everywhere … as well as a sticky slippery smear of butter along the doormat. There were puddles of tea and a trickle of milk across the kitchen tiles. Crumbly bits of cheese were sprinkled by the side of the cupboard doors and biscuit crumbs littered the garden path. Empty crisp packets and used cans of fizzy pop fluttered in the breeze across the garden lawn. There were tins of baked beans among the dead leaves and last week’s flowers. Can you guess who dunnit ? Suddenly, there was tiny eek – who else but the mouse ! And what else had he robbed ? Yes, of course, it was a bread and jam sandwich – what should we eat now for breakfast ?


List ten things that have disappeared since you got up this morning … for example, the time, then draw a picture of where it may have gone.

© Jacqueline Richards 2005


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