Mister T.V. Superstar


Mister T.V. Superstar was the most superstar – est superstar by far.
He was known far and wide,
For being famous and opening park rides.
When Mister T.V. Superstar starred in commercials for soap powder,
The viewers turned up the volume of their TV sets louder.
His adoring fans waited to spot him,
His pictures were stuck everywhere so no – one forgot him.
But generally Mister T.V. Superstar was a disaster,
Everything he did went wrong.
If his producers wanted a commercial for shortbread,
Mister T.V. Superstar acted long.
Although he practised his lines all day,
He always forgot the right words to say.
If someone said to turn the channel to the BBC,
Mister T.V. Superstar turned it to three.
No wonder that his T.V. aerial didn’t work very well,
His fuses burst,
And his commercials didn’t sell.

chatshow-host.jpg Mister T.V. Superstar Television Quick Telly – Spelly Quiz

Add “tele” to these words and phrases to complete the spellings.

chatshow-host.jpg___________ communications

chatshow-host.jpg___________ vision aerial

chatshow-host.jpg___________ graph wire

chatshow-host.jpg___________ vision channel

chatshow-host.jpg___________ vision magazine

chatshow-host.jpg___________ scope

chatshow-host.jpg___________ graph

chatshow-host.jpg___________ metric

chatshow-host.jpg___________ phone call

chatshow-host.jpg___________ metric

chatshow-host.jpg___________ pathic

chatshow-host.jpg___________ phone box

chatshow-host.jpg___________ gram

chatshow-host.jpg___________ phonist

chatshow-host.jpg___________ scopic

chatshow-host.jpg___________ graph pole


Mister T.V. Superstar Learning His Lines
chatshow-host.jpg 1/ Mister T.V. Superstar spent 30 minutes every day learning his lines. How long did he spend every month ?

chatshow-host.jpg 2/ The showing of Mister T.V. Superstar’s commercial for baby nappies was shown on TV 3 times every four hours. In one week, how many times did viewers see the commercial ?

chatshow-host.jpg 3/ There was a powercut for 20 minutes every day … in one week, how long was the T.V. turned off ?

chatshow-host.jpg 4/ In the soap opera Westfrienders, Mister T.V. Superstar had a part that lasted 12 minutes. If the show was televised 3 times a week, in one year, how long did Mister T.V. Superstar act for ?

chatshow-host.jpg 5/ Mister T.V. Superstar forgot 5% of his 550 lines – how many lines did he forget ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : telecommunications ; television aerial ; telegraph wire ; television channel ; television ; telescope ; telegraph ; telemetric ; telephone call ; telemetric ; telepathic ; telephone box ; telegram ; telephonist ; telescopic ; telegraph pole

Answers : 1/ 30 x 30 = 900 mins 2/ (24 / 4 = = 8) x 3 = 24 times daily x 7 = 168 weekly 3/ 20 x 7 = 140 minutes 4/ 12 x 7 x 52 = 4368 mins / 60 = 72.8 hours 5/ 550 / 100 x 5 = 27.5 lines

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