The Spectre With No Spectacles


I’ve never seen a ghost perform such a spectacular vanishing act,
As the spectre with no spectacles as a matter of fact …
His spectacles vanished into thin air …
Although he looked here and there, he couldn’t see them anywhere !
Whenever he went to take a look for something,
It disappeared and he couldn’t see a single thing !
The spectre went to take a better look …
But his spectacles went up in a puff of smoke !
So un – spectacular was the spectacle – less spectre, as a ghost,
That he decided to become a chef … spending his days cooking toast.
But still he couldn’t see further than his nose …
Perhaps his spectacles had fallen onto his toes ?
Without his spectacles, everything looked ghostly,
Actually, he really couldn’t see mostly !
He went to watch a football match, as a spectator,
But when he cheered for the wrong side,
He felt a real potato !
His phantom friends came to help, speculating that he’d left them on the bus,
Or perhaps in the supermarket when he’d been in a rush !
Specifically, his poor visibility completely eradicated the spectre’s sight – seeing capability …
So he came home early from his holiday.


Spectacular Spectre Spellings

The spectre cannot see the following words without his spectacles, so can you help ? Add “spec” to complete the spellings.

blob-3.jpg___________ ulum

blob-3.jpg___________ ies

blob-3.jpg___________ tacular

blob-3.jpg___________ ialised

blob-3.jpg___________ imen

blob-3.jpg___________ ulate

blob-3.jpg___________ ific

blob-3.jpg___________ ialism

blob-3.jpg___________ kle

blob-3.jpg___________ ifically

blob-3.jpg___________ ulation

blob-3.jpg___________ kless

blob-3.jpg___________ ial

blob-3.jpg___________ ify

The Spectre’s Spell Spell

The spectre magicked a spell to help him spell the words that he couldn’t spell well without his spectacles as well, so can you help ? Add “spell” to complete the spellings.

izard.jpg___________ bound

izard.jpg___________ ing book

mis – ___________izard.jpg

izard.jpg___________ binder

izard.jpg___________ able

izard.jpg___________ ing

izard.jpg___________ ed

izard.jpg___________ out


izard.jpg___________of rain

izard.jpg___________ backwards

The Spectre’s Specific Maths Game

Maths with a “wwhooo !” … Write a mathematical equation to show your working out when answering the following questions.

blob-3.jpg1/ If the spectre made a ghostly disappearance, twice every night for 20 minutes, how long did he stay out of sight in one week ?

blob-3.jpg2/ If the spectre could float in the air at a speed of 20 metres / 4 minutes, how long did it take him to travel down the 150 metre hallway ?

blob-3.jpg3/ If the spectre rattled his chains 8 times in one hour, over the twelve hour night shift that he worked, how many times did he rattle his chains in one week ?

blob-3.jpg4/ The spectre spent one hour looking for his spectacles in the Hall, 3 hours in the kitchen, 2 hours in the Dining room and 1.5 hours on the balcony – how long did he spend looking in total ?

blob-3.jpg5/ The poltergeist rattled so loud that the neighbours complained ! 150 ghouls, ghosts and phantoms came around (through the walls, of course !) – one fifth of them decided to stay – how many ghostly neighbours disappeared ?

blob-3.jpg6/ When the spectre disappeared … so did 20% of the books on the bookshelf … If there were originally 300 books, how many were left ?

blob-3.jpg7/ The spectre disappeared gradually – if, after 5 minutes, there was still 0.2 of him visible – how much had disappeared ?

blob-3.jpg8/ The spectre went to buy a new pair of spectacles from the optician – if they cost £24.99, how much change did he receive from £50.00 ?

blob-3.jpg9/ The spectre polished his spectacles so well that they broke, shattered into one hundred pieces and 34% of them disappeared under the rug. How many could the spectre find ?

blob-3.jpg10/ The spectre had such bad eyesight that he had real problems seeing the door and he crashed regularly ! If he crashed twice every 3 minutes, how many times did he crash in four days ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Spectacular Spelling Answers
speculum; species; spectacular; specialised; specimen; speculate; specific; specialism; speckle; specifically; speculation; speckless; special; specify

The Spell Spell Answers :
spellbound; spelling book; mis – spell; spellbinder; spellable; spelling; spelled; spell out; spell down; spell of rain; spell backwards

Specific Maths Answers :
1/ (20 x 2) x 7 = 280 minutes
2/ 150 / 20 = 7.5 x 4 = 30 mins
3/ 8 x 12 x 7 = 672
4/ 1 + 3 + 2 + 1.5 = 7.5 hours
5/ 150 / 5 x 4 = 120
6/ 300 – (300 / 100 x 20 = 60) = 240
7/ 0.8
8/ 50 – 24.99 = £25.01
9/ 100 – 34 = 66
10/ 24 x 60 = 1440 / 3 480

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