Thunder and Lightening


Thunder the Rabbit said to Lightening the Hare,
“Why are you stood under the light, is it quite dark over there ?!”,
Thunder the Rabbit replied that much worse,
– He didn’t want his tail to getter wetter of course !
Thunder the Rabbit jumped up and down,
He was as mad as the hatter about the rain over town !
Lightening the Hare said as quick as a flash,
Could he please come inside for some sausages and mash ?
Thunder the Rabbit said that it was no problem at all,
But he’d have to sit on the chair by the wall.
So long as he didn’t crack bad jokes or his cups …
Or tread on the tail of one of his pups !


Where is the lightening flash flashing in these sentences ?

The actor posed for a picture as the cameras flashed.

Einstein had a flash of inspiration.

The millionaire was flashing his money about.

There was a flash of light.

The genius answered the exam questions in a flash.

The athlete ran around the race track like a flash.

He drove around in a flash sports car.

His taste in clothes is rather flashy.


Where’s th’ “under” in these words and phrases ?

My favourite music band in the Undertones.

I looked for my pen underneath the chair.

The undercover spy knew a special code.

The Vikings plundered treasure.

I didn’t go outside because of the thundering storm.

Excuse my blunder.

It was a very cheap coat – quite under valued.

The diver swam underwater.

Thank you for being so understanding.

The two high street shops had a price war and one undercut the price of another.

There is an underlying infection in the wound.

I gave him a subtle hint … quite understated.

The actor practised his lines with an understudy.

I couldn’t find the way because the path was so undetermined.

I bought a ticket for the London Underground.

I found a hedgehog under a bush.

I write an essay and underlined the title.

The patient is undergoing surgery.

The new car park is still under construction.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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