Inspector Spectre Investigates A Disappearance At the Library


There were so many disappearances in Inspector Spectre’s town,

That even all the clues to the investigation that he was conducting seemed to vanish too.

When Inspector Spectre’s telephone rang,

He knew it wouldn’t be long before before he’d be on a case,

But he hadn’t expected the local librarian to call, Saying her books were all out of place !Inspector Spectre jumped in the panda car,When he got there, he found the library door was ajar …People were walking away with the books !

Which made the investigation quite difficult,

Since he couldn’t count fast enough how many they took !

He soon came up with an idea – to give everyone a ticket,

Now whenever a book disappeared, it was the librarian who picked it.

Opening and closing all those books, however, was good practice for a policeman

…. the matter was and opened and shut case !

An Ad(d) Lib Open And Shut Case

All of these “lib” words have a clue. Can you help Inspector Spectre investigate the disappearance to find out what was missing in the library ?

mag-2.jpg – someone with very central political views and opinions

mag-2.jpg – freedom in a democratic society

mag-2.jpg – slander in writing

mag-2.jpg – adjective desrcibing defamatory remarks

mag-2.jpg – giving freedom from an oppressor

mag-2.jpg – the Allies during World War Two 

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : liberal; liberty; libel; libelous; liberate; liberation; liberator 

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