Apple For The Teacher


One of Professor Assessor’s pupils brought in an apple one day,

(Although it had a grub in it, he ate it anyway).

Professor Assessor crunched a bite,

Just a bit sour, but it tasted alright !

The grub was really an intelligent chap,

(Who had been studying apples and gone for a nap).

Hardly expecting Professor Assessor to take a crunch,

He thought he was going for, not going out to be lunch.

Ever since being a tiny grub,

He’d always wanted to be an intelligent slug.

His pal, the bookworm, in Professor Assessor’s school,

Often came over for a chat, though it broke the school rules !

cahaf5l6.jpg Apple Core Maths

cahaf5l6.jpg 1. If one apple wieghed 75 grams, how many did 10 weigh ? Give your answer in g and kg.

cahaf5l6.jpg 2. If in one kilogram, there were 3 apples, how many were in 5 kg ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 3. If apples cost £0.50 per kg bag, work out how much 8.2 kg cost ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 4. Professor Assessor cut each apple into 4 pieces. How many apples would be needed to give each of his 25 pupils a slice ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 5. Professor Assessor found that one apple had 3 grubs, so how many grubs were in 20 ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 6. Professor Assessor found that one apple had 8 pips, so how many pips were in 10 ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 7. Professor Assessor wanted to make an apple pie. If one slice required 1.8 apples and each pie had 6 slices, how many apples would be needed to make 5 pies ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 8. Professor Assessor wanted to make cider. If 20 apples were needed for one litre of cider, how many apples would be needed for 25 litres ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 9. One of Professor Assessor’s bites weighed 25 grams. How many bites, therefore were in one bigger 150 gram apple ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 10. If Professor Asessor took bigger bites weighing 30 grams, how many bites, therefore were in three 50 gram apples ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 11. Professor Assessor ate two apples for breakfast, three for lunch and four for dinner. How many apples is that in one week ?

cahaf5l6.jpg 12. Professor Assessor had 50 apples which he shared between his class. If he gave each one of his pupils 2 each, how many pupils were in the class ?

cahaf5l6.jpg Grotty Grubby Spelling

Gru, grou, gro or groo ? Which is the correct one to use ?

cahaf5l6.jpg ovy

… inconcahaf5l6.jpgous

cahaf5l6.jpg und

cahaf5l6.jpg tty

cahaf5l6.jpg undless

cahaf5l6.jpg up

cahaf5l6.jpg use

cahaf5l6.jpg wl

cahaf5l6.jpg esome

cahaf5l6.jpg mble

cahaf5l6.jpg el

cahaf5l6.jpg velling

cahaf5l6.jpg in

cahaf5l6.jpg ff

cahaf5l6.jpg wing up

cahaf5l6.jpg wth

cahaf5l6.jpg The Drunkard Grub Inside Cider And His Big Apple Appetite

Add “ap” or “app” to complete the words.

cahaf5l6.jpg le

cahaf5l6.jpg noea

cahaf5l6.jpg ology

… g cahaf5l6.jpg

… slcahaf5l6.jpged

… s cahaf5l6.jpg 

cahaf5l6.jpg ron


… lcahaf5l6.jpgse

… ncahaf5l6.jpg 


… lcahaf5l6.jpg

cahaf5l6.jpg arent

… wrcahaf5l6.jpging pcahaf5l6.jpger

cahaf5l6.jpg ologetic

cahaf5l6.jpg renticeship

… chcahaf5l6.jpg 


… flcahaf5l6.jpg 

cahaf5l6.jpg endage

… hcahaf5l6.jpgened

cahaf5l6.jpg ertain

… c cahaf5l6.jpg 

cahaf5l6.jpg roach

cahaf5l6.jpg e

cahaf5l6.jpg etite

cahaf5l6.jpg art

cahaf5l6.jpg laud

cahaf5l6.jpg artment





cahaf5l6.jpg aratus

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : 1. 75 x 5 = 375 g = 0.375 kg; 2. 5 x 3 = 15; 3. 8.2 x 0.5 = £4.10; 4. 25 / 4 = 6.25; 5. 20 x 3 = 60; 6. 8 x 10 = 80; 7. 5 x 6 x 1.8 = 54; 8. 25 x 20 = 500; 9. 10. 150 / 25 = 6; 11. 7(2 + 3 + 4) = 63; 12. 50 / 2 = 25

Answers : groovy; incongruous; ground; grotty; groundless; group; grouse; growl; gruesome; grumble; gruel; gruvelling; groin; gruff; growing up; growth

Answers : apple; apnoea; apology; gap; slapped; sap; apron; appropriate; lapse; nap; approximate; lap; apparent; wrapping paper; apologetic; apprenticeship; chap; appraise; flap; appendage; happened; appertain; cap; approach; ape; appetite; apart; applaud; apartment; appeal; apostle; appeared; apostrophe; apparatus

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