The Out of Date Date Ate By An Ape


No wonder the ape was going ape with belly ache,

He’d eaten a very ripe, out – of date date.

He really just wanted a quiet munch,

But ended up in agony, just after lunch.

The ape roared, it really hurt a lot,

After he’d eaten all the dates that the

supermarket had got.

The packet looked clean and new,

But inside one or two maggots must have grew.

Although the ape growled out in pain,

He still tried to get another in his mouth again.

gorilla1.jpg Add “ate” to complete these words …

out of dgorilla1.jpg apples

cre gorilla1.jpg a new account

belgorilla1.jpgd greetings 

arrived l gorilla1.jpg

hgorilla1.jpg that song

close the g gorilla1.jpg

w gorilla1.jpg ing for the bus

ask the w gorilla1.jpg er

grgorilla1.jpg a carrot 

eat a d gorilla1.jpg

he met his f gorilla1.jpg

what’s the dgorilla1.jpg today ? 

a ggorilla1.jpg time

cheese grgorilla1.jpgr

girgorilla1.jpgd his hips

cgorilla1.jpgring kitchen

plgorilla1.jpg of chips

I’ll come lgorilla1.jpgr

mgorilla1.jpgs for tea

lgorilla1.jpgst news

inmgorilla1.jpg in prison

pgorilla1.jpg on toast

pir gorilla1.jpg on the high seas

skgorilla1.jpg ing rink

rgorilla1.jpg of inflation

stgorilla1.jpgment to the police

wgorilla1.jpgry puddle 

orngorilla1.jpg vase

trgorilla1.jpgor to the country

st gorilla1.jpg and explain

sp gorilla1.jpg of burglaries

priv gorilla1.jpg in the army


Goin’ Ape !

Can you see the “ape” hiding inside these words ?








© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers out of date; create; belated; late; hate; gate; wait; waiter; grate; irate; pirate; date; fate; dated; gate; grater; girate; catering; plate; later; mate; latest; inmate; pate; irate; skate; rate; statement; water; ornate; traitor; stte; spate; prvate

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