The Lighthouse Keeper’s New Sowester Hat


The lighthouse keeper was sick and tired of the rain,

Everytime he went outside,

It was pouring down again !

He decided that a good idea,

Would be to buy a new hat

But would it be dear ?

The lighthouse keeper went to the shops,

On the way, of course, he got covered in raindrops.

He tried his new hat on for size,

When he saw the price, he got quite a surprise !

The lighthouse keeper chose one quite bright

So it would match his lighthouse light and stand out at night.

He hoped that the rain would make it shine,

And his new hat suit him fine.

But he found that it didn’t fit,

He’d have to get one smaller a bit.

When he wore his sowester hat on the bus,

It caused an incredible fuss.

“Was it the colour that made you pick it ?!”,

Asked the conductor, passing him his ticket.

Now, whenever his lighthouse bulbs ran out,

The lighthouse keeper simply span his hat about …

The ships on the sea, could see it clearly,

And never once again missed the rocks nearly.

His ol’ ship mate Lifeguard Lionel,

Remarked that his sowester was really swell.

Did he have one for him as well ?

Naturally, when hte sea got rough,

The lighthouse keeper’s sowester fell off !

sowester3.jpg1. The lighthouse keeper bought his new hat for £5.99. How much change did he receive from £10.00 ?

sowester3.jpg 2. The lighthouse keeper needed a new bulb in his lighthouse every 3 weeks. How many new bulbs is that in one year ?

sowester3.jpg 3. The lighthouse keeper had to climb 150 steps to reach the top of his lighthouse. If he climbed one fifth – how many more steps did he have to climb to reach the top ?

sowester3.jpg 4. The lighthouse keeper accidentally sat on his hat making it one third smaller. If his hat measured 36 cm high, how high was it after he sat on it ?

sowester3.jpg 5. The lighthouse keeper’s sowester hat was 5 cm wider than his head. If his hat had a 30 cm diameter, how big was his head ?

sowester3.jpg 6. The lighthouse keepers collected 40 starfish on the beach, but he dropped 5 % – how many did he then have ?

sowester3.jpg 7. The lighthouse keeper used 50 watts of electricity to power the bulbs in his lighthouse for 2 hours – how much electricity did he use every day ?

sowester3.jpg 8. The lighthouse keeper collected one cm of rain every 20 minutes in his hat. How long did it take to fill his 36 cm high hat full ? Give your answer in minutes and hours.

sowester3.jpg 9. The lighthouse keeper made a 120 cm high sandcastle. By high tide, it was 10% shorter. How much sand had the tide washed away ?

sowester3.jpg 10. The lighthouse keeper slipped on seaweed twice every 15 m. How many times did he slip walking 2 km along the rocks ? Round off your answer to the nearest whole number.

Beach – combing  sowester3.jpg

Can you guess the things that the lighthouse keeper saw from his lighthouse ?starf * shjellyf * shbuck * t and sp * deseash * llswellington b * * tsrockp * * ls

s * * weed

c * ckles


fish * ng b * * ts

wav * s

surf * rs

s * ndc * stles

lifeg * * rd

Slippin’ On Seaweed Game sowester3.jpg

How many words can you think of with “sea” inside it ?

Answers :1. £4.012. 52 / 3 = 17.33. 150 – (150 / 5 = 30) = 1204. 24 cm5. 25 cm6. 40 – (40 / 100 x 5 = 2) = 38

7. 24 / 2 =12 x 50 = 600 watts

8. 20 x 36 = 720 mins / 60 = 12 hours

9. 12 cm

10. 2000 / 15 = 133.3 r = 133

Answers : starfish; jellyfish; bucket and spade; seashells; wellington boots; rockpools; seaweed; cockles; mussels; fishing boats; waves; surfers; sandcastles; lifeguard

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