The Greyhound Bus


The greyhounds wanted to take a holiday,

They hadn’t been away in months.

They packed up sunglasses and suntan lotion …

Then thought how to get there ? Perhaps by locomotion ?

But the train didn’t have any tickets spare,

So they decided on a greyhound bus to help get there … 

The Biggest greyhound gave a shout,

“Have we got everyone of us ?”,

Then all aboard the greyhound bus.  

They loaded their bones and doggy bowls on te back, 

With just enough room for a biscuit filled rucksack …

The smallest greyhound wondered if there’d be enough room,

Then off the bus set with a noisy BROOM ! BROOM !

As the bus conductor rang the bell,

The greyhounds woofed loudly as well.

They’d never had such fun,

And they all headed off into the Sun. 

At the end of day, when the bus finally ran aground, 

There were lots of doggy bones found in the station lost and found. 

bus-2.jpg 1. 35% of the way through the 100 km journey, the greyhound bus got a puncture. How far a) had the bus already travelled ? b) had it still to go ?

bus-2.jpg 2. There were enough seats for 150 greyhounds, but only 80% of the seats had been sold. How many empty seats were there ?

bus-2.jpg 3. The greyhound bus didn’t have a ringing bell but one that went WOOF ! If the conductor rang the bell twice every 4 minutes, how many times did the bell WOOF ! in one hour ?

bus-2.jpg 4. On the 100 km journey, the conductor stopped three times for drink, Earl Grey tea of course. At what points, on average, would that be ?

bus-2.jpg 5. If one cup contained 150 mls, how much did his flask contain ?

bus-2.jpg 6. Tickets cost $2.50 per greyhound with a 10% reduction for puppies. If 30 greyhounds and 15 puppies travelled on the trip, how much revenue did the bus conductor take ?

bus-2.jpg 7. The greyhound bus travelled at a speed of 45 km / hour, how far did it travel in 8 hours ?

bus-2.jpg 8. There were 200 suitcases, bags and packages to be carried. 80% were carried in the boot and the remainder on the roof rack. How many were carried in each ?

bus-2.jpg 9. Because it was a grey day, visibility was poor and the greyhound bus got lost ! The greyhound bus travelled 45 km over the ridge, 24 km downhill and 29 km around the city, how far out of it’s way is that ?

On the Road bus-2.jpg

Can you guess the things that the greyhound bus passed en route ?

time__ __ ble


h__lls and m__untains

st__eams and bridg__s

tr__ffic l__ghts

zebr__ cr__ssing

park__ng s__ots

pelic__n cros__ing

traff__c ward__n

l__mp – po__ts

c__r pa__ks

m__torway c__fe

tr__ __s

s__gn – p__sts

le__rner dr__vers

Answers :timetable; depot; hills and mountains; streams and bridges; traffic lights; zebra crossing; parking spots; pelican crossing; traffic warden; lamp – posts; car parksmotorway cafe; trees; sign – posts; learner drivers

Answers : 1. a) 35 km ; 65 km; 2. 30; 3. 240; 4. 25; 50; 75 km; 5. 450 mls; 6. $108.75; 7.360 km; 8. boot – 160; roof – 40; 9. 98 km

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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