The Adventures of Bumble Bee, The Most Bumbling – Superhero Bee There Ever Could Be


Mister Bumble Bee was the most bumbling idiot in the whole country. In fact, he was the most bumbling bee that there ever could be … whose buzzing drove everyone to the point of insanity. Although he tried hard at being a maths superhero, he failed hopelessly … and his sums always added upto zero. All Friday, when Spiderman was being spidery, Mister Bumble Bee was causing a calamity till Saturday. When Wonderwoman was busy working wonders, Mister Bumble Bee’s bumbling was making maths blunders. Tumbling and stumbling as bumbling bumble bees do … Mister Bumble Bee’s bumbling went on till way past two. He mumbled through his homework so much … He never answered the questions as such. Can you help him out with a few ?

bee-3.jpg 1. Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) had a buzzing calculator with 24 buttons. He buzzed on 50% of them three times, 30% of them twice and 20% of them just once. How many buzzes is that buzzing all together ?  

bee-3.jpg 2. Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) decided that to count flower petals might be a good way to help him add, multiply and subtract. In 50 cm along the garden, there were 80 flowers, and the garden was 12 m long. How many flowers is that in total ?

bee-3.jpg 3. Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) counted how many other bees there were flying around the garden – 54 (half the number of birds). Write an algebraic expression to show how many birds there were ?

bee-3.jpg 4. Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) spent 20 minutes doing his maths homework every day – how long did he spend in one week ?

bee-3.jpg 5. Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) flew at a speed of 0.75 km per hour. How long did it take him to reach the other end of the garden, 1.5 km away ?

bee-3.jpg 6. Mister Bumble Bee bumbled his English homework, too ! He got 70% of the 250 spellings wrong. How many did he get right ?


Mister Bumble Bee (the most bumbling super – bee – ro) & The Breakfast Table Adventure

Being the most bumbling superhero bee that ever could be, Mister Bumble Bee bumbled his way through a whole cream tea. All he wanted to do was to take a break, from the maths take – aways that didn’t really take … And to pick up all the crumbs that he was able, from the plate of honeybuns placed on the table. No wonder he handed his homework in late, he skidded on spilt tea … and landed on a plate ! When he tried to pick himself up … He slipped again and landed in a cup ! The sight of a buzzing bee flying through the air, created considerable havoc bumbling everywhere ! The maid came along to help him where he’d got stuck, and found Mister Bumble Bee with his head stuck in a book ! She looked again for a closer look … And to see how much honey he’d took ! When the bumble bee finally managed to get free, he tripped and splashed in a puddle of hot tea ! Before long, he had crashed into the sugar bowl, Not such a soft landing as a buttered bread roll ! Hardly surprising, he landed with a bump, The sugar bowl was full of sticky sugar lumps !

bee-3.jpg Question 1. Mister Bumble Bee ate 3 of the 24 sugar lumps in the sugar bowl, what fraction is that ?

bee-3.jpg Question 2. Mister Bumble Bee fell 9 times in the sugar bowl, 12 times in tea and 15 times in the bread basket. How many times is that ?

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Game 1 Answers : 1. (12 x 3) + ( 8 x 2) + (4.8 x 1) = 56.8 2. 80 x 12 x 2 = 1920 3. b = bees x 2 = b = 54 x 2 = 108 4. 20 x 7 = 140 5. 2 hrs 6. 250 / 100 x 30 = 75 Game 2 Answers : 1. 3 / 24 = 1 / 8 2. 36

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