The Adventures of Monseigneur Money Spider In The Broom Cupboard


Monseigneur Money Spider thought he’d have a garage sale …

And clear out the broom cupboard of all the rubbish and old mail,

Monseigneur Money Spider went to sweep up the dust,

And a number of crumbs left from the crust.

He slickly scaled down the broomstick …

And got knocked over by the brush and pan as it flick !

Monseigneur Money Spider shot off into mid – air,

Over the table and landed on a chair.

Luckily the cushion made a soft landing, indeed,

And no – one much seemed to notice the tiny money spider as he fleed.

Monseigneur Money Spider stitched a thread,

Then abseiled down it into the reach the shed.

He almost got stuck in one of the shoes,

There were so many, he didn’t know which to choose !

spider-2.jpg 1. If Monseigneur Money Spider was one – hundredth of the size of the height of the high heel shoe, which was 12 cm high, how big was he ?

spider-2.jpg 2. If Monseigneur Money Spider floated 125 cm – 75% of the way from the top of the broom to the bottom. Therefore, how long was the broom ?

spider-2.jpg 3. If Monseigneur Money Spider landed in 20% of the 120 shoes, how many a) did he land in ? b) did he not land in ?

spider-2.jpg 4. If Monseigneur Money Spider’s 600 cm spidery thread was long enough to go around the vacuum cleaner six times, what was the circumference of the vacuum cleaner ?

spider-2.jpg 5. If Monseigneur Money Spider took thirty seconds to make it from the top of the broom cupboard door to the handle, half way down, how long did it take him to reach the bottom of the door ?

spider-2.jpg 6. If Monseigneur Money Spider flew threw the air at a speed of 1.2 m / minute, how long did he take to reach the other end of the hall, 15 m away ?

spider-2.jpg 7. If Monseigneur Money Spider crawled on 4 of the 8 chairs, what fraction, decimal and percentage is this ?

spider-2.jpg 8. If Monseigneur Money Spider caught one crumb in his spidery web every 90 seconds, he caught 50 crumbs in how many minutes ?

spider-2.jpg 9. There were 15 boxes in the broom cupboard and Monseigneur Money Spider made a web on 33% of them. How many had a spidery web on them ?

spider-2.jpg 10. As well as Monseigneur Money Spider, there were 14 other money spiders in the broom cupboard and 30 ants. Express this as a ratio.

spider-2.jpg 11. There was a sack of potatoes in the broom cupboard and Monseigneur Money Spider climbed over 9 % of them. If the sack contained 900 potatoes, how many did he not climb over ?

spider-2.jpg 12. Monseigneur Money Spider couldn’t see in the dark ! The light switched on and off 8 times in one hour. How often is that ?

Game 8 Answers : 1. 0.12 cm; 2. 166.6 cm; 3. a) 24 b) 96; 4. 100 cm ; 5. 1 minute; 6. 12.5 minutes; 7. 1/2 = 0.5 = 50%; 8. 75 mins; 9. 5; 10. 15 : 30 = 1 : 2; 11. 819; 12. a) every 7.5 minutes

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