Jack Beanstalk’s Broad Bean


How many things can you think of that also contain the word “broad” ?


The Broadest Smile Game

Tick which in the following set is broadest …

1. a rhino’s, an ant’s or a cat’s broad smile ?

2. a car, a house or a garden gate ?

3. a pen, a cup or a computer ?

4. a hair, a hare or a chair ?

5. a book, a bookshelf or a library ?

6. a teddy bear, a bed or a loaf of bread ?

7. a needle, a woolly jumper or a sheep ? 

8. a piece of paper, a book or a photocopier ? 

9. a computer disc, a keyboard or a computer shop ?

10. a sheet of music, a piano or a violin ?

11. a coin, a wallet containing £1000 or a bank vault ?

12. a photograph, a camera or a camera film ?


Find a map of the Norfolk Broads (U.K) and write an A to Z of places there.

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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