Inspector Spectre’s Open and Shut Case


Inspector Spectre’s briefcase had a loose lock. Whenever he opened it … out another document dropped. He left a trail of papers in every puddle of the street, and before long, every one of his top secret reports, got trampled by everyone’s feet. In his briefcase, Inspector Spectre kept, a whole load of other stuff, that also got rainswept. A watch, a calculator and a pen too. There even was an old ticket, with which he meant to go to the zoo. Inspector Spectre had a key, And that too disappeared miraculously ! There were codes for this and codes for that even a collar that he wanted to give to the cat. Inspector Spectre inpsected the lot, Though half was in the stuff that he’d dropped. Inspector Spectre was a clumsy oaf ! He even dropped his packed lunch, so there was only half a loaf !


How many things can you think of that also open and close ? Example – a door.


Inspector Spectre’s Secret Telephone That No – One Could Tell Was A Telephone

Can you see Inspector Spectre’s telephone secretly ring inside words ? Example – tiring. 

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

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