Sheriff Hotdog’s Lost Sheriff Badge


Sheriff Hotdog searched the jail, he couldn’t find his badge and it wasn’t in the mail. He looked on the table and under the chair, but still no badge, though he looked everywhere, he couldn’t find it anywhere ! He searched in every one of his pockets and asked the Governor if he’d got it. But all that was in pocket was a bunch of jangling keys, and a creased old handkerchief, that the Sheriff used if he sneezed. Sheriff Hotdog asked some of the crooks, who suggested he should look behind the jail house books. But still no sheriff badge – not even a pin, now how was anyone to know he was the one who kept in’juns in ?

badge5.jpg Maths Fun At The Jailhouse

badge5.jpg 1. Sheriff Hotdog polished his sheriff’s badge three times a day – how often is that in one week ?

badge5.jpg 2. Sheriff Hotdog had 80 hats and he looked for his badge in 80% of them. It took him 20 minutes.

a) How many hats did he look inside ?

b) How many hats did he not look inside ? c) On average, how long did it take him to look in one hat (the mean time) ?d) What time was it when he had looked at half the boots (the median) ?

badge5.jpg 3. Sheriff Hotdog had 12 pairs of cowboy boots. He looked inside one third of them. That is every other

a) 2 boots, 4 boots, 6 boots. Tick the right answer (the mode boot).

b) Express this as a ratio of boots he looked in : boots he didn’t look in.

c) What decimal of boots did he look in for his badge ?

d) What percentage did he not look in for his badge ?

badge5.jpg 4. Sheriff Hotdog’s handkerchief measured 25 cm wide and 25 cm long. Work out the surface area.

badge5.jpg 5. On Sheriff Hotdog’s bunch of keys, there were 75 keys. 33% of them were for the jail, the rest were for the bank in town and the saloon. How many keys were for the jail ?

badge5.jpg 6. There were 100 rooms in Sheriff Hotdog’s jail. Only 90% of them were full of crooks and in each cell room, there were 3 – how many crooks is that in total ?

badge5.jpg 7. Sheriff Hotdog had 9 pockets in total, two of them contained nothing. What fraction, decimal and percentage of the pockets were empty ? © Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers :

1. 3 x 7 = 21

2. a) 64 b) 16 c) 20 / 64 = 0.3125 mins d) 0.3125 x (64 / 2) = 10 mins

3. a) 4 boots b) 4 : 12 = 1 : 3 c) 0.33r d) 33%

4. 625 sq cm

5. 25

6. 90 x 3 = 270

7. 2 / 9 ths = 0.22 r = 22.22 %

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